With 4/20 right around the corner, we were nice enough to showcase Seth Rogen’s instructional video teaching you how to roll the cross joint from Pineapple Express. From the various posts, tweets, and comments we’ve received since then, it seems as if some of our readers are actually professional rollers…. or at least they say


It’s now been 3 months since the legalize of the production, sale, possession and use of recreational marijuana was introduced to Colorado. The 1930′s exploitation film, Reefer Madness, promised marijuana users would turn to manslaughter, suicide, rape, extreme mental issues and more. So far, that does not seem to be the case…. Overall property crime


Dessie Mitcheson was 2013′s Maxim Hometown Hottie winner and her cover issue for Maxim Magazine was just released! She is from Apollo, PA, just outside of the 412 in the rural suburbs of Pittsburgh but is now living in Los Angeles. Dessie will be gracing the cover of May’s Military Support-themed issue. ‘Merica! The contest


Unfortunately it seems that this year, Easter will be overshadowed by a way more interesting and unofficial holiday Р4/20. The last time Easter fell on April 20th was in 2003 and you will not see an Easter fall on April 20th again until 2025! Marijuana enthusiasts from all over the world will celebrate this counterculture


I may not be the biggest fan of most of what the X-Men franchise has produced thus far, but seeing Magneto rip an entire professional sports stadium from the ground and float it, for what looks to be hundreds of yards in the air above us… well… you have my attention, X-Men. Check out the


This coming April 30th will mark the 10 year anniversary of Tina Fey’s cult classic film, Mean Girls. 10 years, a decade; we are all getting old as hell. This movie completely changed my outlook on chick flicks and rom-coms opening up the door to other great movies such as Easy A and Pitch Perfect.


The new music video from Childish Gambino for “Sweatpants” ft. Problem was released and he is pissed! So pissed that he took to Twitter to bitch about the incident. He openly slams his current record label, ¬†Glassnote Records, and asks to buy out of his contract and is also pissed about a blog post that