My Beard Is My Best Friend

My Beard is My Best Friend For those of you who didn’t already know, the beard is back baby. With the arrival of all natural, scented beard balms and oils, men can pamper their beards like never before. If you are looking to grow a beard or give your current beard the attention it deserves,


slimJIMMY Wallet Release

Every so often a brand or product will contact me requesting a review on FadedIndustry.com.  Our website gets a significant amount of traffic which consists largely of the exact type of consumer they are trying to target.  Recently I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Dan from slimJIMMY Wallet, a new “premium slim wallet”

Arsenal F.C.'s Dan Law is joined by Justin Forzano, Dr. Chris Howard, Sam Ventura, and Karim Kassam discussing sports analytics, performance, and gaining the competitive edge.

Pittsburgh Welcomes the Nation’s Top Innovators

Health, art, sports, music, and culture were just some of the topics presented this week at Thrival Innovation and Music festival hosted at Alloy 26 inside the newly redesigned Nova Place on Pittsburgh’s north side. In the first three days of the five-day festival, attendees took part in various panel discussions, keynote speakers, interactive demonstrations, and


Yamaha Motorcycle Parts

Yamaha Motorcycle Parts With the right Yamaha motorcycle parts, you can make sure that your motorcycle goes as fast as you need it to, or just run smoothly for a leisurely ride. When these parts are sold at the best prices, you can then get much more out of the ride. This is because not

The Chainsmokers

Thrival Music Festival Preview: A Quick Guide

As the cool, fall evenings start to set in, and festival season comes to a close,  Thrival Innovation and Music Festival gives local residents a chance to see a few of the summer’s hottest acts along with some of Pittsburgh’s rising musical talent. While some patrons may have their schedules planned to a T, others