How India influenced so many top artists… and Selena Gomez

Many of today’s top artists have drawn inspiration from India and several of the songs currently in our charts are chocked full of Indian connotations. The film, fashion and music industries have all had an impact on some of our most reputable songwriters, bands and artists. The sitar, an Indian instrument similar to the guitar,


TAK3N: Taken 3 Gets A New Trailer. Liam Neeson vs. The World.

It’s Liam Neeson against terrorists, pissed-off human traffickers, and every level of US law enforcement you can think of. One could argue Liam Neeson might be the most irresponsible parent/husband ever for losing his family for now a third time, but society can over look that if the result is another Taken movie. Following being


Denzel Washington Back with a Vengence in The Equalizer

Not particularly a movie I was planning to go out of my way to see but when the opportunity presented itself, I took it. I fear walking into a movie like The Equalizer all because of the movie Taken. When Taken first came out, I was not prepared for the greatness that would ensue following


7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Fight Club

Thank you once again, Internet, for reminding us how old we’ve all become. Half of my lifetime ago — 15 years — Fight Club opened in theaters back in October of 1999. As we now anxiously await the October premiere of David Fincher’s next cinematic gem, Gone Girl, our friends over at CineFix put together this video

Jeter 1

Derek Jeter and Gatorade Ad Goes Beyond Baseball

Gatorade has followed up the RE2PECT from the Jordan brand with their own tribute to the New York Yankee super star. If you don’t know Derek Jeter is retiring this year then you must be living under a rock. Whether you are a Yankees fan or not, Jeter has epitomized how baseball should be played.