AutoTheory PRO Now Available

With all of the musicians, artists, djs and producers reading our blog, we felt we had to share this program with you all.  A new software called AutoTheory PRO has been developed that almost seems to good to be true.  It is an innovative standalone plugin that gives musicians the ability to master music theory


Bleu Royal Tequila Rum Review

What happens when you mix Rum and Tequila in the same bottle?  Bleu Royal.  And here is my review. Bleu Royal Tequila Rum is a product that is blending the boundaries between traditional spirits.  What initially caught my eye with Bleu Royal was the packaging and marketing of the product.  I was drawn to it


Maximize Your iPhone’s Usage

Maximize Your iPhone’s Usage The advent of so much smart technology has made the world smaller and more convenient, effectively shrinking the planet and stretching the length of the day. As the leading device in the industry, the iPhone has always led the charge toward functionality. The best apps come to Apple devices first. The