10 Reasons Why You Will Love Jorgie Porter!

Usually, I can’t stand when Facebook suggests anything I should “Like,” as it usually consists of MTV Teen Moms. However, when I saw a cover of FHM pop up on my profile, I was instantly captivated by this blonde you’ve probably never heard of: Jorgie Porter.


That’s the underboob cover that attracted me above; and here’s another below:


How is this model not a Playboy Playmate?? Hef’s marriage to Crystal must have him off his game because I would snap Jorgie up for my mansion instantly. If those pictures aren’t enough to convince you to care who she is, just by her exterior, let me continue.

1. Jorgie Porter is an Actress


Apparently, Jorgie Porter is well-known in the UK.  She’s been on a long running soap opera over there, Hollyoaks.  Who knows how to be crazy and hot at the same time? A soap opera star that’s who, so this is a win!

2. Jorgie can Ice Skate like an Olympian


Ms. Porter has been on a competitive ice dancing show, appropriately named “Dancing on Ice.”  She almost won too, and came back a second year on the show! While Jorgie’s modeling  pictures are super-hot, the ice dancing outfits are sexy-yet-comical and her partner Matt Evers looks ready for the sequel to Blades of Glory. OMG, so I just googled him (due diligence blogging and all) and he was actually IN the original Blades of Glory as “Skate Tree #1.” Fantastic! Anyway, see how hot Jorgie Porter is below, and take note of the his-and-her hilarious matching outfits.

JorgieBritneyOutfit Jorgie34 Jorgie31 Jorgie12 Jorgie09 Jorgie10

They definitely one-up our Dancing with the Stars by throwing the “on ice” twist.  One of her outfits brings me to my next point:

3.  Easily fits into a 1980’s Fantasy


The hair. Wow.

4. Looks Adorable with a Mustache


Am I right, or am I right??

5. She Likes Lollipops


6. She Plays Well With Others


7. She Looks Good in the Kitchen


8. She is Definitely Housewife Material


9. All Around Incredibly Sexy

Jorgie27 Jorgie26 Jorgie25 Jorgie29 Jorgie06 Jorgie22 Jorgie20 Jorgie13 Jorgie14 Jorgie15 Jorgie18 Jorgie17 Jorgie04 GEORGIE 828

10. Sideboob



Now that I have convinced you to remember the name, or at least the sideboob,  tweet Miss Porter and let her know you want to see more of her in the US of A!


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