10 Spring Break Hot Spots for 2014

The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner. Time to put the books down and get away from work. This is especially true for those stuck in cold weather climates. Time to get some sun and have some fun, so still wondering what to do on your spring break? I’ll give you 10 options everyone should consider at least once in their lifetime.

Below I give you 10 options with my mecca of spring break finishing off the list at number one. Every year these spring break landing spots move up and down the list. Each year brings changes to entertainment; events, trends, and weather can always play a factor too. The never changing number one spot will forever stay as my favorite spot, but spring break is about creating memories and making your own favorite spot.

The Top 10 Spring Break Hot Spots: Be Smart and Spring Break Responsibly! 

10. Tampa, FL

There has to be a reason the movie Spring Breakers was filmed here. Even if it was all girls from the Disney channel. That’s also a reason why it’s not closer to number one. You still have to make sure you get your hotel room now because they fill up fast.

Tampa Spring Break

Partying is more fun in bathing suits. There is no debate, it’s a fact. Imagine yourself partying this weekend. Is it cold and are you wearing a bathing suit? The answer is probably NO. Now imagine yourself partying in the warm with a bathing suit. Yes, that is more fun.

Tampa Bay

9. Key West, FL

Body shots will be done at some point. Not only a good way to drink, but a good way to meet new people. Try this… “How are you? Nice to meet you. Body shots?” Works 30 percent of the time, all the time.

Body shots1

But Spring break can go horribly wrong…

8. Fort Myers Beach, FL

A lot of girls go on spring break. College humor is also preparing people for spring break. Trust me there is a preparation period. Make sure you take some time off studying to take a nap before spring break.

Spring break5

For baseball lovers Fort Myers is a good place to take in a game. You don’t have to be on the beach the entire time, but you should be most of the time.

Baseball in Fort Myers

7. Daytona, Florida

Dancing competitions are every day and they don’t get old. You just might be running out of memory on your phones by the end of the trip. I’m sure most of you wouldn’t mind this being a part of your life every day.


One big reason why plenty of guys go on spring break too. I did mention the girls right?

Spring Break Girls

6. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Yes, Mexico might take some extra planning, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. By the time this video is over I’m sure you’ve booked your spring break in Puerto Vallarta already.

They came prepared with memory on their phone.

Puerto Vallarta

5. South Padre Island

Everything is bigger in Texas and they know how to party in South Padre. The travel channel highlighted this hot spot for college students. That’s right even the travel channel goes on spring break. The travel channel contains many bucket list destinations and that is no different for spring break. Spring break will be a travel experience of a life time and the memories will last on through social media forever.

South Padre

Everyone wants to be this guy at least once on spring break….or every day. This memory will last as his profile picture for quite some time.

South Padre

4.Miami, Florida (South Beach)

Maybe instead of a Europe trip you visit all the spring break Florida locations. This could be just as life changing because there is plenty of partying to do.

If you don’s see this every day, then you came to the wrong spot.

Punta Cana, Mexico

3. Punta Cana, Mexico

If you are going to get a passport then this should be your reason. The videos are here to join, but spring break is meant to be experienced. They only give you a sneak peak, so make your own videos.

Spring break can be a dirty time, so make sure you stay clean.


2. Cancun, Mexico

Videos speak louder than words. You might have to travel a little further, but Cancun is worth the travel.

Miami Drinking

Did I mention girls like to go on spring break? They also enjoy competing in competitions.

Spring Break competition

1.Panama City Beach

My spot of choice along with the alcohol selection. Great parties every day and as the week goes on they get better and better. The entertainment changes every week, but always top notch for any spring break spot. The beach parties are unforgettable and it is a city made for spring break. This is the mecca of spring break. No matter your week of Spring Break there will be something going on.  Panama City Beach has it all!

Panama City

Beach parties every day


Alcohol and sand are a good combination…sometimes

Panama City

Student City is a great spot for finding the where, when, what, and how for spring break questions. There is a lot of planning that goes into spring break. Make sure you check out all the spring break hot spots and find out what you need to know.


Don’t be these girls…

Spring Breakers

Or that guy…

Spring Break Mess

If you are expecting to come back from this break well rested think again. Of course that doesn’t mean spring break isn’t therapeutic. Spring break is a time to unwind and let go. Taking classes and work can be stressful, so spring break is en escape from reality. Throw the regular routine out the window and open yourself to a week of fun in a chaotic way. Let’s be honest, spring break is not real life. But REMEMBER, the decisions you make on spring break can become real life problems.

The one question everyone must ask themselves before going on a study break…

When is your school on break? And when is everyone else? Spring Break lasts over a month, so check the hottest weeks

Spring break can be judged on a few factors. Entertainment, clubs, events, and of course hotness. It’s a week on the beach in your bathing suit while unwinding from work. I could sit here and convince you which one I think is the best, but pictures and videos tell the story best. When letting go be smart and be safe. There is a difference between fun and stupid, so spring break responsibly.

I hope you make the right decision and share all your spring break photos with us!

-The Man, the Myth, the Mike @minnomike


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