13 Pop Culture Trends from 2013

13. Harlem Shake

It seems as if these videos are as old as MySpace but embarrassingly enough, people were creating these annoying videos at the beginning of 2013. You know, the videos where a seemingly boring scene instantly cuts to instant crazy party with people humping the air…. Admittedly, some videos were actually good but just like any internet trend goes, some white kids take it too far and accidentally kill themselves. (I don’t know if that’s true for this one…..)

12. Vine

Due to the endless amount of content constantly shoved down our throats, humans now have the attention span of hummingbirds at a cocaine festival. Vine, the video app for Twitter, realized this and capitalized on human’s short attention spans with their clever 6 second loop videos. Vines are sort of like gifs on steroids.

11. What Rhymes With Hug Me?


I don’t know what rhymes with hug me but there are now websites dedicated to finding out everything that rhymes with Hug Me. Robin Thicke’s incredibly catchy song took over this summer and then pretty much ran its course after the VMA performance with Miley.

10. BitStrips


As quickly as they came, they went. BitStrips were here for about a week before Social Networks turned all Nazi Regime on them and exiled BitStrips from our News Feeds. A lot of bloggers found success on taking the BitStrip empire down. Damn the Man, Save the News Feed!

9. SnapChat


In a social world where everyone is afraid of their privacy, SnapChat emerges. The app that Zuckerberg offered $3 Billion for and was shut down. Want to cheat on your significant other and send nudes that will disappear in seconds, then SnapChat is the app for you! The internet somehow always finds a way to spread secretive content. Sorry for putting you on blast (girl pictured above) but you have a great rack!

8. Candy Crush


Heisenberg’s blue meth in the form of an iPhone game. Candy Crush showed us what addiction to technology looks like and what a dark and evil place it could be. There is no skill involved, the game controls you. If you have ever played one level of Candy Crush for about a month, I am sorry to have to break the news but you are an addict.

7. What the Fox Say!?


What Does the Fox Say? emerged around September and spreading across the internet in a very Gangnam Style fashion. Worst part about the song is it is as rediculous as it is catchy. You can’t help but sing it in the shower or after you’ve drank too much.

6. Rob Ford Smokes Crack


The mayor of Toronto is sort of like a real-life version of Family Guy’s Mayor Adam West but with a Charlie Sheen-like edge to him. He openly admitted to smoking crack and the rest is history. If you want to have some fun on the internet, just Google Rob Ford for a day.

5. Twerking

Along with Miley came the year of the Twerk. While twerking has been around for many years, its mainstream appeal hit hard in 2013 inspiring Jimmy Kimmel to completely mindfuck everyone with his Fake Twerk Fail Video. I am all about booty shaking videos, keep them coming.

4. Breaking Bad


The greatest show ever finally came to a close and the fate of Heisenberg has been sealed. This is probably the best thing to happen in 2013, not that the show ended but how great the ending was. It felt like breaking up with a long-time girlfriend and actually remaining great friends.

3. Kanye & Kim (Kimye)


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West mated like an Angler Fish and created some little creature titled North. Kanye had some music videos and paparazzi fights and injuries and thankfully another appearance on South Park. The South Park episode may have been one of the best things to happen to Kanye this year.

2. Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus emerged in some white yoga pants talking about popping Molly over the summer and the rest is history. She then followed up her We Can’t Stop music video with Wrecking Ball which she also swung naked from while making out with a sledge hammer and the internet pretty much took a life of its own. There was also the VMA’s…. Everyone loves to hate her but she may get the genius award for the year. 2013 stacked her bank account.

1. Lists!


Buzzfeed took off like crazy this year with some of the most ridiculous lists such as, “The 25 Whitest Things That Ever Happened”  You can no longer escape them. It seems like any blog you read consists of some sort of….. Damn it! I just made one!

By: Pat Hanavan



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