18 Breaking Bad Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is quickly approaching and while the diehard fans try to cope with life after Breaking Bad, this opens the opportunity for you to capitalize on the series finale. Yes it is true, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and are lucky enough to at least be able to enjoy the upcoming spin-off series featuring Saul Goodman but for now, people are still coping with the end of Heisenberg’s empire. This holiday season, you can brighten that particular fan’s day with all sorts of Breaking Bad, Walter White, and Jesse Pinkman merchandise!

Pink Teddy Bear Keychain – $22

pink teddy bear

Goorin Bros. Official Heisenberg Hat – $150


Heisenberg 6 inch Doll – $36


Heisenberg Cuff Links – $13


Heisenberg Shot Glasses – $9

heisenberg-shot-glass copy

Walter White Bobblehead Doll – $16

Wobble headed Walter White doll

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman Plush Dolls – $36

Jesse Pinkman and Walter White as 'cuddly' toys

Better Call Saul Business Cards – $13

Better Call Saul business cards

Blue Sky Chrystal Meth Candy – $13

Blue Sky candy

Heisenberg Necklace – $30

Heisenberg necklace

Los Pollos Hermanos Fry Bucket – $8

los pollos hermanos mini fry bucket

Bathing Bad Bath Salts – $16

Breaking Bad Crystal Meth bath salts

Respect the Chemistry Mug – $30

Respect the Chemistry beaker

Heisenberg Monopoly Shirt – $21



Yo Bitch Fathead Decal – $80


Breaking Bad Complete DVD Box Set – $201


Los Pollos Hermanos Spices – $36

los pollos hermanos spices

Jesse Pinkman iPhone Case – $34


By: Pat Hanavan



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