23 Expensive Items I would Buy with Powerball Winnings

Everyone’s dream is to win the lottery and become an instant millionaire.  Imagine what winning $590.5 million, the highest Powerball jackpot in history, could do for your life. What would you do with that amount of money? How would you help others? What would you buy?

One thing the internet is great for is absolute randomness. If I were to be lucky enough to win the PowerBall, these are the items I would buy first. Even though this list has ridiculously expensive toys, it only totals in at around $166.3 Million. So if you actually won $590.5 Million (for the sake of fun, not figuring out the taxes that are taken out) you would be able to purchase everything on this list about 3 times.

1. A Personal Submarine – $2 Million

This is the two-person submersible that can descend to a depth of 1,000′. Damn right I am going to do some deep sea exploration on a Tuesday!

2. Diesel Powered MechWarrior – $1.3 Million+

mech-warrior An organization which aims to spread human ride robots brings you the MechWarrior. Fully customizable and an absolute necessity for a zombie apocalypse or fun day at the park with your friends. I would most likely have to purchase two of these….. for battle.

3. Flying Hovercraft – $190k


This is the hovercraft that glides over land and water yet also soars in the air up to 70 mph with the aid of integrated wings. Yea, talk about a cool way to spend your summer weekends.

4. Toilet Throne – $10k


Winning that amount of money would mean having plumbing fit for royalty. This is an expensive toilet, I would most likely not have it positioned in the middle of a hallway at the bottom of a staircase though.

5. T-Rex Costume – $5k


I could only assume that I would have a lot of free time on my hands if I won that much money, I would spend my days running around the city wearing this! Would probably visit a school or two.

6. Hamburger Bed – $25k


Is there any reason not to have a Hamburger Bed?

7. Portable Stripper Pole – $499


I can name plenty of instances where this would have made a camping trip that much cooler.

8. 3D Face Mask – $3,900

If I have that amount of money, I would buy a bunch of these masks and throw a party. For my birthday, you must wear my face for 24 hours.

9. Shark Sleeping Bag – $200

If I ever end up camping I would like to do it in style. Also, if a bear attacks, instead of playing dead I will just play getting killed.

10. Bear Coat from Workaholics – $200

Also to prevent bear attacks, I must disguise myself as one of them and then friend them. After learning their weakness, I will kill them and make a real bear coat.

11. Steampunk Giant Metal Dragon – $11.5k

I don’t even like dragons but it seems like a good conversation piece. “I bought this dragon, just because I could.”

12. Water Jet Pack – $68k

No explanation needed, I would have multiples of these.

13. The Batmobile – $620k

I hate driving, I would not hate driving this.

14. Inflatable Water Park – $70k

Just to go along with all of my other water toys. I would purchase a sharkless part of the ocean to place this item.

15. Diamond Pacifier – $17k

Just so I could chew on expensive.

16. The Hot Tub Boat – $42k

If you can’t get laid with a hot tub boat…..

17. Fish Tank Bathroom Sink – $4.5k

Why the hell would you not buy this?

18. The Skier Controlled Tow Boat – $17k

Since I will be incredibly rich and my friends will most likely be at work, I’ll be out playing with this all day. Don’t need someone to steer a boat when I can do it myself.

19. Watermelon Tent – $750

Also in case of a bear attack while camping…. I’ve never heard of a bear eating a watermelon. Look it up.

20. Shark Submarine – $90k

I would take this into the ocean and start fights with sharks.

21. Crocodile Skin Umbrella – $50k

I’ve used an umbrella about 7 times in my life. I feel as if I had a crocodile umbrella, I would probably use it more.

22. Colored Toilet Paper – $11

This is one that could get quite costly in the long run.

23. Project Mars Yacht – $161.8 Million

This megayacht is originally built by Fincanteri, comes with swimming pools, a spa, and a designated business area. This is where I would live.

What would you buy with your Powerball winnings? Comment below or hit me up!



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