25 Awesomely Pleasing Katy Perry Boobs gifs… Or is it 50?

The internet loves many things such as cats, funny videos, Nic Cage, Katy Perry‘s boobs, etc. How could you not love those chesticles!? As a late 20’s straight man, I know that I like way more of Katy Perry’s songs than I actually should. At first, it was assumed it was her chest to blame for hypnotizing me into privately enjoying her music. My satellite radio subscription quickly proved that theory to be untrue. You can’t hear boobs.



Assuming everyone like myself has a functioning set of eyeballs, I figured why not switch it up. It is damn near impossible to turn on the radio and not hear Katy Perry. Since you can’t hear boobs but can see them, why not showcase them silently via 25 gifs of Katy Perry Boobs?

elmo-kp gif-dance-kperry katy-boob Katy-boobs-dance katy-cute katy-p-done katy-perry-approves katy-perry-boobs-gif-30 Katy-Perry-Boobs katy-perry-nipples katy-perryboobs-bill-clinton-looking-1368359986k katyperry-green-dress KatyPerrysBoobs_02 KatyPerrysBoobs_03 KatyPerrysBoobs_06 KatyPerrysBoobs_07 KatyPerrysBoobs_08 kp-boob kp-clevage kp-final kp-mr-burns make-motion move-that-blur very-nice-k-perry

Male or female, doesn’t matter. If you don’t appreciate what this pop star has going on for herself, then you live a dark and troubled life. Get out, experience the sunshine and thank what ever creator you believe in for the internet!

By: Pat Hanavan