25 Hilarious Pictures of Sir Patrick Stewart

You can blame my age (teen in the 90s) and/or my gender (female), but I grew up watching Star Trek TNG and having a lady boner for Captain Picard.  You may fall in the camp of Team Star Wars, but you have to appreciate Patrick Stewart’s contribution to sci-fi and his masterful command of a space ship. More recently, he is known for being Professor Xavier of the X-Men; and his calm leadership of mutants. Both have pegged him into being a pretty serious guy, so when I came across a few of these photos from his twitter, I couldn’t stop laughing. I owe a huge THANK YOU to my friend Ian, of Rex Arrow Films. When he’s not working with Mac Miller, Ian is collecting these types of photos of Sir Pat Stew and that’s how I saw most of them!

sir pat stewart0105

Seems Sir Pat Stew, as I call him (because that is his twitter name too), has a great sense of humor that is only magnified when he goes out in public with co-mutant actor and Sir,  Ian McKellen. See below.

sir pat stewart0107

Watching two old grampa-looking dudes being the ones sitting on Santa’s lap instead of being the Santa is hilarious.

sir pat stewart0104

Here are more of their adventures:

sir pat stewart0113 sir pat stewart0106 sir pat stewart0115 sir pat stewart0114 sir pat stewart0119
If you are in the Twitter or Reddit sphere, I’m sure you have seen a few memes with Sir Pat, and here are my faves:

sir pat stewart0127 sir pat stewart0126 sir pat stewart0120

More pics from his awesome twitter:

sir pat stewart0103 sir pat stewart0102 sir pat stewart0101 sir pat stewart0109 sir pat stewart0112 sir pat stewart0111 sir pat stewart0118 sir pat stewart0116 sir pat stewart0121 sir pat stewart0117

Finally, I found some appearances he did on SNL and The Daily Show.

sir pat stewart0122 sir pat stewart0124 sir pat stewart0110

You HAVE to watch him pretend to be the Chinese Moon Rover. It was the best monologue ever.

I’m ready to adopt as my grampa, what about you?


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