30+ hot girls in knee high socks

Brrrrrrrr it’s so cold out, said everyone. “Why not stay inside and look at hot girls?” said me. Or if you aren’t into looking at hot girls, look at their awesome knee socks! I said that too.



Why are knee socks so awesome? Two words, Easy Access. The secret is that knee high socks give the I’m-almost-wearing-pants illusion. It’s just as warm to wear thick, over the knee socks with a skirt as it is to wear leggings or nylons with a skirt. Those few exposed thigh inches don’t really make me cold overall but if you are really in a winter squall, you can always put a pair on for extra heat under jeans. THEN when you get indoors you can take your pants off and run around in your socks which is what most people want to believe hot girls do anyway.


Now let’s not get too technical, I’m calling knee high socks anything that hits anywhere around the knee. Thigh Highs will be another post altogether.


Hottie Minka Kelly wears them:

knee-high-socks22 knee-high-socks19

Lea Michele from Glee makes your highschool fantasies come true in these pics from GQ:


Gisele was totally working out before this pic:

knee-high-socks10Rihanna is a knee sock freak in the streets.


More hot girls in knee high socks to stare at:

knee-high-socks27knee-high-socks23 knee-high-socks21knee-high-socks18knee-high-socks17knee-high-socks15knee-high-socks14knee-high-socks13knee-high-socks09 knee-high-socks07 knee-high-socks08 knee-high-socks02 knee-high-socks05knee-high-socks06knee-high-socks04knee-high-socks01kneehighsocks2knee_socks4 knee_socks1knee_socks2 knee_socks3knee-high-socks16

I might get fired from Faded for bringing up V-Day so soon, but knee high socks are a great gift idea for that sexy someone.  Not expensive, somewhat sexy, but not as creepy as giving lingerie to someone you just started dating. Take my advice; if you give knee socks to a girl you like and she doesn’t seem to like your advances you can just say “oh they’re just socks” but if she reallllly likes them and possibly you, you can go with the “can’t wait to see you wear these without pants” route. I recommend Chrissy’s knee high socks for variety and price if you are shopping (FYI; they didn’t endorse me or this post but I’m sure they will love it). Guys, let me know if you think this post was a winner! Girls, let me know if you like knee socks in the comments below!



  1. WEAZ3L said:

    I LOVE knee socks! I’m in the market to buy some new ones so your post came at just the right time!

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