30 Hot Selfies and 1 Not So Hot Selfie….

So far 2014 has brought us the Selfie Olympics in an attempt to stop selfies once and for all. I myself am rallying against the stoppage of selfies, especially the hot ones. The pictures that only anyone cares about. Some of the S.O. are hilarious but the point of the trend is to mock the typical girl with iPhone bathroom pic. It’s inevitable, if cute girls have access to an iPhone featuring front and rear cameras, your newsfeed will become #SelfieCity. Selfie became 2013’s word of the year and rightfully so, but I am in full support of the hot selfie movement and I hope that it stays alive and well into 2014 and beyond.


Some girls are just blessed with great bodies and it is up to them if they would like to share that with the world or not. It does not matter if it’s a celebrity, model or just the cute girl who works at Chic-fil-a, if you are hot, share that hotness. Who knows ladies, maybe all these desperate cries for a man will finally be answered and prince charming will show up on his White Horse (white Honda Civic) and ride off into the sunset (back to his parents house).


blue-bra hot-girl we-like-itbutt-shot laying-down-shot beach-mirror-shot self-mirror thong-mirror black-shot professional-selfie pink-self-shot red-thong selfie-booty Hot-Thong-Selfie katina-fimmel-fit monique-de-dios daegan-coyne quesada-leyva katina-fimmel-selfie saraya-gilmore brianne-provenzale katina-fimmel katherine-tattersall vivien-olah anna-mcmanamey sally-bell-competition hot-selfie-topless



And as I previously stated in the title, the selfie game is not reserved for everyone and here is proof. To me, this picture looks as if a young Eli Manning got stung by a bee right on the nipple of his left man-boob. Please refrain from posting pictures like this.


Know a girl with some hot selfies, comment below and let us know where to find her.

By: Pat Hanavan