300 Rise of an Empire Lives Up to the Hype!

Never knowing if a sequel was to come or not, I constantly had an ear to the ground waiting for news to arrive. For years, rumored news about 300’s coming sequel floated around but nothing stuck. Then, in the month of June in 2013, the first news about 300 Rise of an Empire broke. Life was now good but there was only one problem, the release date said August meaning that the sequel was only two months away. Something didn’t seem right….


I was right about the fact that something was not right. There was no way this movie would be released with only two months of promotion. Even the promotional poster at my local theater said August 2013. Almost as quickly as news broke about its August release, the news changed and a new release date was set, March 2014. That felt like being a kid and getting all excited to go to an amusement park just to arrive and find out it is closed.


Did this movie live up to the hype? F yes it did. 300 Rise of an Empire focuses on Themistocles of Athens at war against a hot bad ass chick named Artemisia I of Caria. It is a multi-layered story and their names are all extremely unique and sound like a new strain of STD’s so it may be hard to follow but try to keep up. We also see the return of Xerxes I of Persia who is in cahoots with Artemisia, and of course the beautiful Gorgo, Queen of Sparta and Kind Leonidas’ late wife.


The timeline of events dates back a decade before the brave 300 stood strong against Xerxes at the Hot Gates. During this time you witness Artemisia’s rise to becoming an absolutely insane murderous bitch as well as her role in the transformation of Xerxes into a God King and how Themistocles pretty much started this entire war. The story line then circles back around catching up to the beginning of the original 300 film and moves right along side with that story eventually moving past it coming around full circle back to the beginning of the film where the Spartan Navy gets ready to attack.


300 was released in 2006, back then we had MySpace profiles and could write up a bulletin letting everybody know our thoughts on the movie. Fast forward to 2014, MySpace no longer exists (yea, nobody uses it Justin Timberlake….) and an insane amount of technological advancement have been created, not only in the creation of the movies but for the view experience as a patron. In 2006 I had to drive 40 minutes to see 300 in an iMax theater, now I was able to see 300 in 3D 5 minutes from where I live. The best way to compare the advancement in effects in the 300 sequel would be like comparing the difference between the quality of old Family Guy vs. new Family Guy. Everything you would expect from a bigger budget and new technological advancements shines through with this movie. You almost feel like the blood is going to hit you.


I forgot the best part, there is some titties! Not just any titties, Artemisia’s titties and as you watch this movie, you really want to see her titties! There is only one extreme negative I have to bring up about this film and it is involving a fiery ship battle and Themistocles riding a horse. Seriously have no idea how that scene made it to final cut but if you just think about Artemisia’s titties, you will forget the whole horse scene even existed!

By: Pat Hanavan


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