40+ Awesome Leaked SnapChat Photos

It’s a new year and the controversy continues to surround the popular SnapChat app. A security breach happened where millions of US and Canadian users had their phone numbers and usernames exposed online after some clever anonymous hacker went all Edward Snowden with the obtained database of information. If you are worried about the recent security breach, you can check to see if your account was one of the unfortunately affected accounts.


I thought Snapchat was essentially Nude Selfie City when I originally downloaded the app. Unfortunately it has been anything but that. Instead, I am bombarded with photos and videos showcasing the not-so-interesting lives most of my friends lead. Myself included in that scenario…. Every once in a while though, someone will send a clever Snapchat making the app completely worth having. So enjoy some worthy examples of reasons to make cooler friends on Snapchat.


bush-dump borat-snap batman-selfie pig-snapchat snap-nude dragon-ball-z-snap dont-judge taco-snap bigfoot-dick nude-snapchat unrape-snap cat-selfie parking-cones-snap hugh-grant-snap banana-snap-drawing storm-trooper-snap tucked-snapchat buzz-lightyear-snap superman-snap quarter-pounder-mcdonalds snapchat-awesome-drawing train-snap cat-swag-snap turtle-guy-snapchat snap-suicide snap-saw-game cool-guy-snap girl-hair-pic donald-duck-face minion-snap spongebob-snapchat mom-flash ketchup-drawing bird-snap racist-snapchat ted-rapist crocs-on-subway duck-face tape-face mcondalds

For real, you now know that your Snapchat friends suck and you need to find some new ones. So use this security breach to your advantage and find some new friends. Also, advice for yourself, start being funnier on Snapchat. Or if you are a hot chick, more N00dz.

By: Pat Hanavan


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