40+ best Breaking Bad Memes on the Internet

With only a few episodes left, Breaking Bad is soon coming to an unfortunate end. Thankfully the lovely and creative people of the internet are there to entertain us with their Breaking Bad inspired art and memes. Fans of the show are obsessing over how it will all end while others are using their time to make viral jokes. Below are some of the best fan inspired memes and art we’ve come across, most of which only the true fans of the show will understand.


And it’s not only the fans, when actor Dean Norris created his twitter account he debuted his first tweets paying homage to last season’s finale and infamous toilet scene. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston also like to have fun in the public’s eye. This year at comicon, Bryan Cranston hid from fans by wearing a mask and dressing up like Walter White. Aaron Paul is constantly engaging fans on the streets in Hollywood and even making phone calls to random Twitter fans.

jesse-pinkman walter-white-opposite bb-beginning breaking-bad-art meth-damon dog-walter-white walt-jr-meme breaking-bananas dean-norris-twitter-pizza gus-half-off aaron-paul-cupcake breakingman-and-robin heisenberg-chemistry breaking-bad-rv hector-salamanca-twitter breaking-ned walt-whitman-meth-dealer walters-laboratory walter-white-money walt-mean walt-breaking-meth walt-malcom-in-the-middle flynn-breakfast-omlette flynn-breakfast walt-vs-hank bryan-cranston-disguise awesome-cake keep-calm-tread-lightly bb-sandwich gus-fring-half-face tread-lightly skylar-white-cunt walt-white-vader breaking-bad-simpsons gus-fring bb-spread-lightly walter-white-jesse-pinkman breaking-bad-heisenberg dean-norris-twitter bb-season1-season-5

If you have your own Breaking Bad memes or art, send it over. Maybe we will feature your post! Got any ideas of how the show will end? Post your thoughts in the comments below.