40+ Sexy Star Wars Chicks Rock’n some Hot R2-D2 Cosplay

When you think of Star Wars, you probably aren’t throwing the term “sexy” around much with it. Unless of course, you’re talking about Princess Leia in her ridiculously sexy slave bikini. That scenario definitely qualifies as sexy… and then some.


When you think about fans of Star Wars (ie. ME), the stigma definitely doesn’t suggest these are incredibly sexy people. Well that’s all changed and being a geek has taken a complete 180. It’s cool to be a nerd and good lord, if the nerd girls aren’t insanely sexy! What am I getting at? If the Slave Leia image hasn’t already driven the point home, simply put… STAR WARS IS SEXY!!! – (including me) – Yes, Star Wars is sexy as hell and beyond it’s own existence, the Star Wars fans are the ones to truly thank for that.

Star Wars Is Sexy Volume I: R2-Double-D’s2


Welcome to Volume I of my new on-going series, Star Wars Is Sexy. This is where the fans who rarely ever get the spotlight under the terms “geeks” and “nerds” truly take center stage… the sexy, SEXY girl cosplay fans.


In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the stormtroopers were duped by Obi-Wan Kenobi using his jedi mind tricks on them, convincing the imperial troopers that C-3PO and R2-D2 “aren’t the droids you’re looking for”. Maybe you’ve heard reference to this infamous cinematic moment?

Jedi mind tricks are said to only work on the weak minded, but if there’s something we’ve learned from the famous Toydarian slave owner, Watto, in Episode I, strong focus on superficial things can trump the Jedi’s will of the Force over your mind.


Perhaps if R2-D2 looked more like his obsessive, ridiculously sexy, hardcore fans, the stormtroopers would be way too focused on sex for the Jedi mind trick to work. Probably for the best that it didn’t play out that way, because changing that moment pretty much changes the entire story. Alas, R2-D2 is just a badass little astromech and not a sexy voluptuous, supple-breasted vixen. But R2-D2’s fans? Well… much like the alternate scenario I stated above… that’s another story entirely!


R2D2_2 R2D2_3 R2D2_4 R2D2_6 R2D2_7 R2D2_9 R2D2_10 R2D2_11 R2D2_12 R2D2_13 R2D2_14 R2D2_15 R2D2_16 R2D2_17 R2D2_18 R2D2_19 R2D2_20 R2D2_21 R2D2_22 R2D2_23 R2D2_24 R2D2_25 R2D2_26 R2D2_27 R2D2_28 R2D2_29 R2D2_30 R2D2_31 R2D2_32 R2D2_33 R2D2_34 R2D2_35 R2D2_36 R2D2_37 R2D2_38 R2D2_39 R2D2_40 R2D2_41 R2D2_42This is where you blow up the comments section with everything you can possibly come up with. Which picture is your favorite? Post links to ones that aren’t in the list. What do you want to see in Star Wars Is Sexy Volume II? Count how many times I said the word “sexy” in this post. Or just say thank you. I welcome it all!

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By: Eli Rebich



  1. Don Jon said:

    Only 1 of these is cosplay, the rest are mostly from black milk or similar store.

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