53 Awesome Gifs to Pleasure Your Eyeballs

Perfect timing for the mid workday mental break comes a bunch of awesome gifs designed to let your brain slip away into a somber comfortable bliss. If used properly, the internet can become nothing more that a universal platform to showcase your own genius. And that is exactly what a lot of artists and creatives use it for. So let me now introduce 53 of the best gifs the internet currently has to offer.


Yes, I know the internet is a big place and these are probably not 53 of the best the internet has to offer. Trust me when I say that I will scour that crazy internet finding 53 more hilarious gifs. I might even find 530 more or possibly even 5,300. As you can see there is something special about the number 53 but I do not know what it is just yet…. Enjoy.

face-shrink ninja-chick water-balloon shark-pizza-party dog-pb wisard-of-bj murder-door killing-everyone taliban-lobster kick-fight paper-scissor-rock broken-cinder t-rex-jump-rope black-swan-jim-carrey hot-dog-bun brock-lesnar snow-roof-fall water-grass horse-face cat-walk cookie-tyra crab-shell like-a-bus earth-fall nucleur-melt-down crotch-sword-fight camel-water-aisle nose-pic smooth-guy when-the-beat-drops skateboards dog-girl-lick boxer jessica-alba horse-make-out gun-shot-under-water head-explode funny-asian-window-washer chair-pull george-washington alien-black-guy-scare ice-cream-sandwich cat-funny raptor-scare will-smith-fresh-prince



Chair Shocks

Don't Touch Horse Slip n Shark Dog Climbs Stairs Like a Boss


Did you enjoy this mixtape of gifs? If so, comment below and let me know your thoughts! More to come…

By: Pat Hanavan


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