60+ Pics of the Human Barbie Doll: Valeria Lukyanova

Not to be confused with a RealDoll, the human Barbie Doll, Valeria Lukyanova, is an actual person and I am obsessed with her.  I can’t even get work done at my other job because of the time I am spending staring at pictures of her. It’s almost a game to see which ones have been edited, if some have been completely rendered with a computer, etc. Valeria is a Ukrainian model who stylizes herself like a life-size plastic doll.


Can you tell from the picture that she is a real, 28 year old person?  Her breasts are implants of course, but she admits no other plastic surgery.  Her doll-like look is achieved with makeup and large iris contact lenses. However, one is likely to say that she had a nose job or maybe a few ribs removed out of sheer incredulity at her appearance.


TLC show My Strange Addiction recently aired an episode on Living Dolls showing three young people who are following this trend; one being human Ken Doll who is pictured below with Valeria.


Is this just a temporary fad? I’m not so sure. I can’t deny I love her unique makeup and envy her tiny waist. Do you find her attractive?


Maybe Skipper is more your type (Skipper was Barbie’s Brunette friend)? Valeria as a brunette:

Valeria-living-doll47 Valeria-living-doll46 Valeria-living-doll44 Valeria-living-doll39 Valeria-living-doll02

Valeria with other doll-like friends:

Valeria-living-doll54 Valeria-living-doll29 Valeria-living-doll26 Valeria-living-doll25

And many more pictures of Valeria, the Human Barbie:

Valeria-living-doll59 Valeria-living-doll61 Valeria-living-doll60 Valeria-living-doll57 Valeria-living-doll56 Valeria-living-doll55 Valeria-living-doll53 Valeria-living-doll52 Valeria-living-doll28 Valeria-living-doll50 Valeria-living-doll51 Valeria-living-doll45 Valeria-living-doll43 Valeria-living-doll42 Valeria-living-doll41 Valeria-living-doll40 Valeria-living-doll38 Valeria-living-doll34 Valeria-living-doll36 Valeria-living-doll35 Valeria-living-doll30 Valeria-living-doll31 Valeria-living-doll32 Valeria-living-doll28 Valeria-living-doll27 Valeria-living-doll24 Valeria-living-doll23 Valeria-living-doll22 Valeria-living-doll21 Valeria-living-doll20 Valeria-living-doll19 Valeria-living-doll18 Valeria-living-doll17 Valeria-living-doll15 Valeria-living-doll14 Valeria-living-doll13 Valeria-living-doll12 Valeria-living-doll10 Valeria-living-doll11 Valeria-living-doll09 Valeria-living-doll08 Valeria-living-doll06 Valeria-living-doll07 Valeria-living-doll05 Valeria-living-doll04 Valeria-living-doll62 Valeria-living-doll01

To my female readers, would you want to be this thin? Valeria is said to only eat a liquid, vegetarian diet.  Her poses in pictures require a practiced, almost emotionless, smile. Neither of those are lengths are that appealing to me in my pursuit of beauty. You can see more images of Valeria on her Facebook PageLet us know your thoughts on going this extreme in the desire to be beautiful, in the comments below!



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