60+ Reasons to Love Girls In Yoga Pants

We are privileged as a society that yoga pants are allowed to exist and we seldom realize this fact. Especially during the harsh winter months, you can visit any local mall, bathroom with an iPhone and mirror, or coffee shop and find yourself some hot girls in yoga pants. It’s the 3S rule: Shopping, Selfies, and Starbucks.


The above tweet is a very true fact. Now-a-days, it is hard to mention anything about yoga pants without mentioning Jen Selter. Before she hit the mainstream having the most Instagram’d booty ever, we showcased our little review as to why Jen Selter is why we love yoga pants. It was almost as if this magical material was invented specifically for her. Obviously she knows it and flaunts it very well.



She is not the only one who can make that wonderful material look good. There are many other beautiful girls who can also make heads turn when they slip into these colorful leg covers. As we move into the future, we can only hope that a lot of time and money is wasted on the technological advancement of yoga pants.

Yoga-Pants-Girl-GIF-019 girl-posing-yellow crotch-view hot-black-mirror-selfie ordering-food hot-dark-hair-gray pink-selfie see-through-black-pants chick-with-abs over-the-hill crosses pull-them-up hot-in-white pants-and-bikini in-the-house booty-workout kettle-bell-workout blue-pants-gym workout-ball-gym wow-body three-gray-pants tone-body something-in-the-fridge mirror-gym-blue jen-selter-gray-yellow jen-selter-pink cat-owns-booty jen-selter-in-gym on-the-tracks bottled-water-white-dog yellow-pants-pose mirror-seltering black-pulled-up grey-pants-professional home-mirror-self sweater-pants black-pants breakfast booty-grab subway-pic professional-selfie on-rug zuzanna-yoga michelle-lewin-grey jen-selter-winter bedroom-selfie see-through-get-ready hot-gym-selfie dancer-in-train see-through-pants copy orange-selfie grey-workout all-purple gray-pants-in-mirror batsignal-sweat strange-yoga-pants white-pants see-through-pants black-pants-texting see-through-yoga-pants-thong yoga-in-park-black-pants

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By: Pat Hanavan



  1. shoota756 said:

    I need yr app for inspiration
    i workout everyday to keep my body n shape and of u don’t have d body that says u workout u can start my training
    its the best on the planet that gives d body that perfect shape

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