87 Years of Hugh Hefner!

Today is the 87th birthday of the legendary Hugh Hefner. The man who every man envies. At 87 years old, Hugh Hefner is married to a girl who is only 26 years old and she is not the first of Hefner’s many accomplishments. From the Playboy Mansion to it’s parties, the women, and more, most men would call Hugh Hefner’s life a taste of heaven.

Born on April 9, 1926, in Chicago, Illinois, Hugh Hefner transformed the adult entertainment industry with a publication we all found while growing up hidden throughout our parents belongs, Playboy. The first issue featured Marilyn Monroe in 1953, since then Playboy has expanded into a multimillion-dollar venture consisting of publication, TV and web ventures, and mirroring the rebellious sensibilities of its founder.

Any successful entrepreneur should be idolized. Hugh Hefner built a multimillion dollar enterprise starting out from the help of friends and family, something we are also very familiar with. If it were a simple path, everyone would choose it. Hefner was determined to start his own publication, his eye was on Esquire but creating something better. He raised $8,000 from 45 investors including $1,000 from his mother to launch Playboy magazine. Hefner had originally planned on naming the magazine Stag Party but was forced to change the name to avoid a trademark infringement with the existing Stag magazine. A friend suggested the name Playboy, after a defunct automobile company in Chicago. Hefner liked the name, as he thought it reflected high living and sophistication.

Below are just a couple of the many accomplishments of Hugh Hefner’s lifetime!

Donna Michelle

Marilyn Cole

Lillian Müller

Shannon Tweed

Barbi Benton

Karen Christy

Sondra Theodore

Brande Roderick

Izabella St. James

Holly Madison

Bridget Marquardt

Kendra Wilkinson

Kristina and Karissa Shannon

Crystal Harris

Wish Hugh Hefner a Happy Birthday on Twitter today @hughhefner! Ever been to the Playboy Mansion? Want to go? So do we, hopefully these recent Clique Vodka talks with Playboy will get us there!



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