A Trip to See Machete Kills with Tom Savini

I am usually not one to take the critic’s opinion on any film I see and for the most part, I ignore them. Right now, Clooney and Bullock are owning the box office with Gravity and not far behind is Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips. Currently sitting at number 4 in the box office is Robert Rodriguez’s new film and sequel, Machete Kills. Even sitting at number 4, the critics have not had a favorable taste for the film so far. But again, what the hell do they know? I loved Machete Kills!


Machete Kills premiered in theaters last week. The sequel to Machete featured a brand new all-star cast with the additions of Mel Gibson, Sofía Vergara, Lady Gaga, Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding Jr., Vanessa Hudgens, Charlie Sheen (Carlos Estevez) and many more. Reprising their roles from the first film are Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Tom Savini and of course, Danny Trejo.


Pittsburgh native, Tom Savini, was one of the reprised roles in Machete Kills. Originally his character, Osiris Amanpour, was intended to be killed off in the first film but was so well liked, his scene was rewritten. With an impressive resume as a world renowned special effects make-up artist, a stuntman, actor, and director, there is not much Savini has not done in the entertainment business. Since the mid to late 70’s, Savini has been working in film. Pioneering the special effects in the splatter films of the early 80’s, he gained an incredible cult following among the hardcore movie fans. His name echos throughout the industry and any true fan knows his name well. Those who are not familiar with his work are usually reminded of his role along side George Clooney in From Dusk Til Dawn as the character – Sex Machine.


It’s not too often in life that you will have a chance to watch a movie on the big screen with one of the actors in the film. Last night, Tom Savini joined us and a few of his fans at the South Side Works Cinemas for a screening of Machete Kills. Having the chance to catch a movie with one of the actors is an experience unlike any other. Throughout the film we got to hear behind the scenes commentary, information about the different actors and scenes and was even privileged to some insight on the upcoming third Machete. [Spoiler Alert] During one of the final fight scenes, Machete and Osiris find themselves in a standoff against Mel Gibson’s character, Voz. Osiris sacrifices himself to not only save Machete but also to mend his torn relationship with Machete. After that kill scene happened, Tom said, “How cool is that, I was killed by Mel Gibson!” Fans of his role as Sex Machine will also notice a particular firearm used in From Dusk Til Dawn that Sofía Vergara’s character now uses in Machete Kills. When asked if that was a homage to Savini himself, he replied, “It was more of a passing of the torch.”

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For Halloween, Clique Vodka will be hosting a contest for all of the horror fans featuring a personalized and autographed picture from Tom Savini. Details coming soon. If you’ve seen Machete Kills, comment below and let me know your thoughts.

By: Pat Hanavan


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