About Faded Industry


Who is Faded Industry? Three guys out of Pittsburgh, PA who saw a dying entertainment scene and decided to change it up! Frank Bachurski, Pat Hanavan, and Isaac Holeva joined forces in 2006 and created a monster. FadedIndustry.com is a lifestyle and entertainment source featuring Pop Culture, Movies, Music, Art, Parties, Night Life, and absolute craziness. Faded Industry likes to have fun and we like to share the fun.

The Beginnings of Faded Industry

Faded Industry Entertainment has redefined event promotions as well as many aspects of the entertainment industry using the social web to launch marketing campaigns, target and engage audience, and create multiple strategies to virally brand products and services. For over 6 years, Faded Industry has been bringing together never before seen live events integrated with a live forum for the actual social network to interact. Launching in July 2006, Faded Industry has had an impressive rapid growing network. Faded Industry’s major focus is nightlife & live concerts but also has been a part of events including political events & campaigns, non-profit fundraisers, celebrity hosted events, and art shows.


Faded Industry has evolved from a promotions company into a much larger vision and business. After being acquired by Premier Innovations Group, Faded Industry has grown to become the go company to brand for mass exposure. Along with the merger with Premier Innovations, Faded helped to develop the brand Clique Vodka and has since handled all marketing & promotions for the brand. Plans for nationwide expansion are already under way.

Products & Services

  • VIP events and services
  • Night club promotions
  • Charity events
  • Private and public parties
  • Brand marketing
  • Live entertainment
  • Celebrity appearances
  • Band management
  • Revenue driving consultation
  • Artist and model management
  • Photography
  • Print and Graphic design services
  • Street teams
  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Artwork

Interested in getting involved with Faded Industry Entertainment, please click HERE.


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