American Horror Story Asylum Premiere!

Did you watch the American Horror Story Asylum Premiere last night? Well, I did and am going to give you the low down! SPOILER ALERT but only little spoilers so don’t worry.

Last season, I caught just a few episodes of the show, and OH MY. I don’t like to jump on the bandwagon of a show in the middle, but as I attempted to check it out, I turned the channel to see a pleather suited bondage dude raping another dude with a fireplace poker and it was just TOO MUCH for my prime time tv eyes. And I love horror and craziness but no, just no.  So I kind of lost interest in the whole show. BUT this season is a completely different setting/story that fans already know contain some of the same characters but is not a sequel to the first season.

I watched the first episode in its entirety and have to say the best part of the whole show as Maroon 5‘s Adam Levine getting frisky with his new bride in the ruins of the asylum.  Please tie me to a hospital bed, please, Mr Levine.  Ok but seriously that is what every girl was thinking during that brief scene.  A second plus to the scene was that the girl heard something and they actually untied her from the bed. SMART! They always leave the girl tied there in the movies. Two points, AHS, two points right there. Also, the creature that is eating body parts? Yes, you have me curious there.

The parts of the premier that didn’t do it for me where the really clichéd aspects of the mad scientist performing tests on the committed and staff abusing the patients. In addition, the most creative name for a killer you could come up with was “Bloody Face?” BO-ring. Plus I wasn’t impressed with his face makeup in the brief shot that it was shown. Wach the preview below for this season of American Horror Story: Asylum, if you didn’t tune in last night:

So that’s my take. Comment below if you think I just don’t know what I’m talking about. I love horror and mystery but I probably won’t watch any more episodes unless Adam is in them (We’re on a first name basis now).




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