Archer Is A Guest On Conan And Takes Him To The DANGER ZONE!!!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a pretty massive Archer fan. If you’re not already religiously watching the show week to week, you’ve been missing out and doing yourself a huge disservice. The good news is you’ve just set yourself up to be able to binge watch 5 seasons of pure hilariousness, and depending on how quickly you do it, a sixth season potentially as well. Here’s a little taste of Sterling Archer doing what he does all the time, with complete disregard for who’s around him.

Archer’s Guest Appearance on Conan

This Conan bit is hilarious for every reason you can think of within the comedy algorithm that makes up Archer as a show. Archer was supposed to be Conan’s guest but since Sterling Archer is a self-centered ass, he demands Conan leave his own show and pulls him into an episode of Archer. Archer’s entire reasoning for calling Conan out further drives home his self-centered assery by explaining he thinks having Conan along for the ride while Russian mobsters shoot at them with machine guns would be fun, and he needs Conan’s help with shooting back at them since he’s driving and needs his other hand to play on the dating/hookup app, Tinder.

Archer as a show is really like having a group of super close friends who do nothing but have endless, long-running, recycled inside jokes. “Danger Zone” and “phrasing” are two of the most popular of those long-running jokes and the writers often drive the show to go to insanely funny and immature lengths to land the punchlines in a very over-the-top Archer kind of way.

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If that’s not enough to get you on board with Archer, we probably wouldn’t get along in the real world. Regardless, let me know all your thoughts on Archer and his Conan appearance/kidnapping.

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By: Eli Rebich


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