Arnold Schwarzenegger Has A “F*cking Tank” And Loves To Crush Stuff In It

A tank. Just think about what that really is. A tank. Let it soak into your brain and then realize if you have a tank, there is very little you can’t do. Seriously, who’s going to stop you if you have a tank??? Subconsciously, you probably already knew that. You probably have found yourself in a state of intense frustration and blurted out, “I wish just had a tank right now!” or “What I would give to own a tank!” etc. Having an army tank would probably be as badass as you can imagine it being. Well… maybe except if you imagined it was an Arnie Tank instead.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants To Crush Things In His Tank With You

The funniest thing about Arnold Schwarzenegger just wanting to crush things in his tank is that he legitimately loves doing it so much, he turned it into a contest/charity fundraising opportunity. The other side of that coin making this even funnier, he was an elected government official in the state of California. Don’t quote me on this, but I think he even tried to get the law changed so that he could take a shot at running for President. Now… he just wants to crush things in his tank. To be honest, between that and being President of the United States… Arnie got the better deal. Who doesn’t want to be able to just wake up, go jump in their tank and blast through a wall of wooden water barrels???


I visited http://www.omaze.com/arnold to see if the contest was still running. Unfortunately, it has expired, but don’t let that stop you from hitting the site and making a donation. They did bring you this video of Arnie smashing a DVD of Million Dollar Baby with a tank.

Hit up the comments with what you’d like to see Arnie smash with his tank next. Better yet, hit up the comments with what YOU would want to smash driving in Arnie’s tank, and then tell us why because if you hate it that much, the story HAS to be good.

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By: Eli Rebich


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