Art from Fans of Breaking Bad

With great shows becomes a solid foundation of loyal fans and the hit TV show Breaking Bad has just that, loyal fans. Fans that are as hooked to the show as the tweekers are to Mr. White’s blue meth. As the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad quickly approach, everyone is still wondering how Breaking Bad will end. Unfortunately we still have to wait and see.


One thing I love about the internet is that it truly showcases the incredible talents of humans. What someone may think is impossible, someone else is proving possible and even doing just that for a living. Fans of this hit AMC TV show flock to the internet to talk and discuss what is happening with the show and everything surround it. Then there are some other fans, artists, who use the show as inspiration for their next work.
From graphic design to painting, you will see it all here. Fans from all over show their love for Breaking Bad by completing beautiful works of art paying respect to the show. Some of the artwork is funny and cartoon like, others are more serious as an accurate description of the show. Either way, these works of art are a great way for fans to continue to connect on the internet and show their love of the show.
breaking-bad-art-cartoon breaking-bad-art-characters breaking-bad-art-characture-art breaking-bad-art-collage breaking-bad-art-dexter-art breaking-bad-art-funny breaking-bad-art-graffiti breaking-bad-art-graphic-design breaking-bad-art-hiesenberg breaking-bad-art-hisenberg-cook breaking-bad-art-jesse-pinkman breaking-bad-art-jesse-pinkman-shirt breaking-bad-art-lego-art breaking-bad-art-los-primos breaking-bad-art-movie-spinoff-poster breaking-bad-art-painting breaking-bad-art-pen-on-styrofoam breaking-bad-art-pink-bear Breaking-Bad-Art-Project-Aled-Lewis breaking-bad-art-season-1 breaking-bad-art-simpsons breaking-bad-art-skull breaking-bad-art-walt-blue-meth breaking-bad-art-walt-jesse-hybrid breaking-bad-casey-weldon Breaking-Bad-Street-Art yo-bitch_breaking-bad_by_rebeb

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