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Xmas Gift Ideas for Grown-Ups

Xmas Gift Ideas for Grown-Ups

Get X-cited! I compiled a list of Xmas gift ideas for grown-ups that you and your loved ones will enjoy giving and receiving for the holidays this year.  I recently moved into an apartment all on my own for the first time in my life and let me just tell you I have been buying

Katy Perry and 20+ More NSFW Hot Girls Wrapped in Candy!

I may have a fetish for paintings of delicious food items, such as donuts. You, however, may have a fetish for Katy Perry.  If you don’t, you’re going to have one for both of those tasty things after seeing this artwork. I stumbled across a blurb in Smithsonian Magazine about an artist, Will Cotton, and his

Meggings, Muggs, and now Men’s Head Bands

As the foremost expert on what hair styles are attractive on a guy, I can tell you that men’s head bands are making insane. We need to discuss this trend and what to do about it. First, we had to deal with MUGGS; guys wearing Ugg Boots. TURRIBLE, (say it with me) just turrrrible. THEN

25 Hilarious Pictures of Sir Patrick Stewart

You can blame my age (teen in the 90s) and/or my gender (female), but I grew up watching Star Trek TNG and having a lady boner for Captain Picard.  You may fall in the camp of Team Star Wars, but you have to appreciate Patrick Stewart’s contribution to sci-fi and his masterful command of a

10 Reasons Why You Will Love Jorgie Porter!

Usually, I can’t stand when Facebook suggests anything I should “Like,” as it usually consists of MTV Teen Moms. However, when I saw a cover of FHM pop up on my profile, I was instantly captivated by this blonde you’ve probably never heard of: Jorgie Porter. That’s the underboob cover that attracted me above; and

New Trailer for Those Who Kill, Filmed in Pittsburgh

Everyone in Pittsburgh is a junkie for seeing bridges from their city on film. Adding to the collection of movies and TV shows set here, is the newest series from A&E: “Those Who Kill” starring Chloe Sevigny. I had the privilege of being an extra twice for this new show, and was very pleasantly surprised

New Book and Movie from Seth MacFarlane

If you aren’t following Seth MacFarlane on Twitter, you might not have heard about his upcoming movie and novel: A Million Ways to Die in the West. Today, he tweeted the first look at the book cover and the character posters for the movie, due to be released in theaters May 30th.  Here is the book