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Ridley Scott’s Halo Film Gets Its First Trailer – “Halo: Nightfall”

Ridley Scott’s Halo Film Gets Its First Trailer – “Halo: Nightfall”

Ridley Scott is a cinematic genius. If you went to his IMDB page, you would be absolutely blown away with everything he has been involved with. Ridley Scott is probably most well-known for movies like Alien, Blade Runner and Prometheus. Despite everything he has had a hand in, that world is solely attributed to and known

Ambition: Littlefinger of GOT’s Amazing Secret Film Premiering Oct 24th

As a noun, ambition is a source of execution and takes a multitude of forms depending on who possesses it. It’s the drive to meet a goal and the vision to accomplishing it in a certain way. In recent history, we have witnessed a ton of product successes via what seemed to be very backwards

Want To Legalize Weed? So Does Afroman And His New “Because I Got High” Remix.

True story. In 2000 when Afroman first released “Because I Got High”, I was in high school and used the song in a US History school project. The project was to make up a parody song around the subject of the Panama Canal. A few buddies and myself wrote “To Build a Canal” over the

Arnold Schwarzenegger Has A “F*cking Tank” And Loves To Crush Stuff In It

A tank. Just think about what that really is. A tank. Let it soak into your brain and then realize if you have a tank, there is very little you can’t do. Seriously, who’s going to stop you if you have a tank??? Subconsciously, you probably already knew that. You probably have found yourself in a

Star Wars Is Sexy Volume 2: Boba Fett Cosplay – Endless Babes, Boobs, Bodypaint and Bounties.

Cosplay has become a culture that unifies enthusiasts of all genres on a whole new level. Cosplayers epitomize what it means to be a fan. Why just like something or even love something when you can embody it? Cosplay enthusiasts don’t just want to be whoever it is they have dressed up as, they want to

Entire Star Wars Trilogy In 3 Minutes. Heavy Focus On The Garbage Worm.

I’m an avid Star Wars fan. I’m also pretty sure I didn’t really need to tell anyone that. Regardless, I became this way in organic fashion. When I was a young padawan learner, only 3 Star Wars movies existed; 4 if you include The Ewok Adventure, which came out the same year I was born. Regardless, by the

TAK3N: Taken 3 Gets A New Trailer. Liam Neeson vs. The World.

It’s Liam Neeson against terrorists, pissed-off human traffickers, and every level of US law enforcement you can think of. One could argue Liam Neeson might be the most irresponsible parent/husband ever for losing his family for now a third time, but society can over look that if the result is another Taken movie. Following being

Simpsons Couch Gag Takes Place In The Year 10,535 And With You On Acid.

The Simpsons have been on for 26 years now. To reference another great animated TV show, in an episode of South Park, they lay it out pretty plainly. If it’s out there to be done, “Simpsons did it.” That’s about as accurate as it gets. If you have seen the episode of South Park I’m referencing,

Johnny Depp Takes The Stage With Ryan Adams And Shreds On Guitar To Danzig’s “Mother”

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you might recall a post I made not too long ago about what it must be like to be at one of those rare live shows where something extraordinary happens only at that one single show. In that specific post, I was talking about my favorite band, who

Spawn: The Reboot Todd McFarlane Can’t Ignore And The Video Evidence To Prove It.

Spawn. Spawn was made in 1997. Sit back and just absorb that for a second. A movie so heavily reliant on CGI was released almost 20 years ago. Todd McFarlane’s dark, intricate, detailed, action-packed, complex world combing Earth and it’s very real connection to hell and the evils within both, was made almost a full