Awesome Gift Ideas!

I am in shopping heaven with two new sites I found online that contain awesome gift ideas for everyone I know! I figured I would share them with you, my awesome friends, in case you are having some trouble coming up with really unique and fun gifts for this Christmahanakwanzika season. Also my birthday is in January, just sayin.

The first site is Fab. Fab is like Pinterest but you can buy everything! I was a little worried this was some kind of membership weird thing that required my email to “register” and is being pushed heavily from Facebook, but aside from a bunch of emails (that you can change your receiving preferences for) there is no fee or anything like that. Of course, those of us in the know always use a separate email for shopping versus the one we use for work.

Anyway, do you, or the person you are buying a gift for like Food? Big Butts? Mustaches? Dinosaurs? Cats? Deer with Gym Socks art (Katie Richter’s fave!)?  Well you’re welcome because Fab’s got ALL THAT. My favorite item for right this minute is the bottle holder in the gallery below that looks like a floating chain. With the new bottles we just unveiled at Clique Vodka, pretty much everyone I know could use another holder, so buy it HERE! Word to the wise though, don’t link this site with your FB, just sign up with email and maybe get the mobile app so you can browse when you are bored, like I stay up every night doing!

If you can tear yourself away from Fab.com long enough to check out another site, I also recommend:  Cool Material. I laughed for an hour over the first gift I found on their page, a notebook that says “Bitches Imma Holla At” on the cover. So ridiculous, I love it. A lot of their stuff is geared toward guys but I know a lot of females that will love their items! I found this mirror that my Eyetique employed friend Stuver should buy (Sorry dude, you are on my under $50 list this year, not under $500 so buy it yourself).  Check out the entire Gift Guide on their site HERE and check out pics from both sites right below:

I promise you can find an affordable, fun gift on either site! Tweet me your favorite items or ask me for personal suggestions @Cliqueasaurus! Happy Shopping!!!


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