Batmobile Vs Batmobile Drag Race. Winner Gets A Sexy Bikini Car Wash

Lets just get right to the point, yes? Try this one on for size… Batmobile vs. Batmobile. There’s a ridiculous amount of actors who have played Batman over the years and everyone has their opinion on which was the best. Even more so, which Batmobile is the best. Well the Batman purists are about to get their answer because the 1960’s movie and TV series Batmobile is about to be put to the test in a battle of brute man stuff, in a drag race against the 1989 Tim Burton movie Batmobile. Let’s sweeten the pot a little more now… What comic book geek out there wouldn’t want the outcome of their arguments to end with a sexy redhead in a tiny bikini, specifically in this case, washing the winning batmobile? Hint: ALL OF THEM WANT THAT AS THE OUTCOME. Sploosh.

1960s Batmobile Vs. 1989 Batmobile (full version below):

How many times have you had a favorite of something and battled out an argument with someone else who thought their favorite something was better? Take it one step further… How many times have you had that argument and there’s literally no concrete, factual evidence to support either side, and it’s really just a battle of who can come up with more reasons why they’re right? If you’re honest with yourself, probably more times than you can count and definitely more times than you realize. Well that general scenario is the entire backbone of Super Power Beat Down. In short, these awesome super geeks take 2 ridiculously bad ass things that typically don’t coexist in the same universe or would never go head-to-head against each other, and they force them to fight to the death. The materialization of every baseless geeked-out argument, in live action, right before your eyes.

batmobilesMeet Marisha Ray. The sexy, redheaded, geek-world enthusiast, dream girl for every nerd alive (male and female) and also the host for Super Power Beat Down. She’s definitely the face of the operation, as well as a portion of the brains too. She’s also a part of a team of seriously knowledgeable fellas on all things geek, and together, they create the battles of our fantasies. If you’re going to have a web series, nothing says “This is seriously legit.” like getting the 2 original batmobiles and drag racing them against each other.

They need no introduction.



89-batmobileArguably, two of the sickest cars ever to be imagined. It doesn’t get more real than that. The full Batmobile Battle webisode is below. It’s got it all. Car details and specifications, inside and out. The drag race. Marisha giving the winner a carwash in a sexy little bikini. What more could you possibly want!?!?

Enjoy!!! (as if there was another possible option)

The best part of Super Power Beat Down is they want to know who or what you want to see battle to the death, to once and for all, decide which one is the reigning champion for all eternity. Lets get a ton of those battle ideas going down in the comments and I’ll hit up SPBD and see about getting these dire arguments settled. They won me over immediately when they pit Darth Vader against Gandalf. Star Wars rules.

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By: Eli Rebich


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