Beer Pong Rules

The Super Bowl Sunday Beer Pong Tournament will follow the Official National Beer Pong League (NBPL) rules. Some of these rules may be different than the rules you are used to playing with so please read and get a full understanding of the tournament. These rules can also be viewed on the Official NBPL website BeerPong.com. If you want to win the cash, you have to come ready to play!

These rules are designed with three purposes in mind:

  • Fairness to all players
  • Efficiency in running a maximum number of games simultaneously
  • Minimization of possible disputes between participants

Sportsmanship and the NBPL Code of Conduct

Beer Pong is a very unique pastime. Like many similar activities, the game can become extremely competitive at times. However, it is important to remember that the game of beer pong is meant to be FUN. As such, it is of the utmost importance that players conduct themselves in a mmaner that is respectful to both the game of beer pong, and all other individuals that choose to play the game. We will shortly be creating a Code of Conduct that governs all NBPL-Sanctioned Events. The NBPL Code of Conduct is an integral part of our ruleset, and is expected to be fully understood by all participants in NBPL events.


  1. 2 players per team, 2 balls per game, 2 shots per side (except first toss).
  2. 10 cups per side: Initial formation is a tight triangle pointing forward.
  3. The back edge of the Racks should always be aligned with the back edge of the table. If the rack is out of position, it should be re-aligned before the next shot.
  4. Reformation (A.K.A. Re-rack): Reform at 6, 3, and 1 cups remaining. Cups are to be reformed into tight triangles pointing forward. Last cup must be pulled back to within 1″ from table edge. Mid-turn reformation will apply.
  5. Rollbacks: Only 1 ball is returned when a team sinks both their shots in one turn, except during redemption (See: End-game rules) .
  6. Balls are divided to start. One ball is thrown to start the game, and two shots per side are thrown thereafter.
  7. First toss in each game will be decided randomly during scheduling during prelims. Highest seeded team will choose first toss during finals.
  8. Grabbing: Ball may be grabbed ONLY after it has hit a cup.
  9. Bounce shots are allowed but do not count for 2 cups.
  10. Cups knocked over by balls are reset & shot is replayed unless ball had clearly entered the cup before falling, in which case the shot is counted as a hit cup.
  11. Leaning is allowed; however, no object may be used to support a player’s weight during a lean (this includes the table and the shooter’s partner).  Players may not move cups out of the way before shooting to aid in their lean. Any cup knocked over while leaning is counted as a hit cup.
  12. Distractions are allowed; however, the players may not cross the plane of play with ANY part of their bodies while the other team is shooting.
  13. No player may intentionally disturb the air surrounding the cups in play, such as by fanning with hands, hat, or any other objects.
  14. No player may take offense to anything said or done during a game, even if it involves their mother. Threats will result in ejection with no refund. Comments that are either racist in nature or unreasonably sexist will result in immediate expulsion from play at the discretion of the staff.
  15. Overtime games that run long may be moved to a side table.
  16. The beer remaining on a side at the end of a game is the property of that team. No player is under any obligation to drink the remaining beer. Players do not have to play with beer and can choose to play with water at their discretion.
  17. Players who are visibly intoxicated must have their cups filled with water.
  18. Being late or absent to a match will result in match forfeiture. ‘Taking a nap’ does not constitute a valid excuse and will result in getting slapped.
  19. Fights results in permanent WSOBP blacklist.
  20. All rules and penalties are to be enforced by officials. Disputes must be brought to officials. All calls made by officials are final.

End-game rules:

    1. There is always an opportunity for redemption (i.e., no lockouts). There are two scenarios possible:
      1. More than one cup per side remaining when the last cup is sunk. In this case, “Unlimited 1-Ball Redemption” is given. Either player may take the first shot, and the ball is rolled back until a player misses. At this time, players must alternate throwers in the event of multiple hits; one player may not take all the redemption shots.
      2. One cup vs. One cup remaining when the last cup is sunk. In this case, the rule is, “Take as many shots as you have balls remaining on your side”.

For more information about the NBPL visit BeerPong.com or to view the Official Rules & Regulations visit HERE!

Any questions? Hit me up!