Behind The Scenes: FRZY’s WTF featuring Lyric Da Queen

Lethal Industries is currently working on the release of FRZY‘s new music video for his song, WTF featuring Lyric Da Queen. Combining all of the techniques Tom Larkin has learned over the years, the Lethal Industries production team has assembled to create a visual that is sure to make you utter the song’s title.


Framerates and resolutions only possible with the RED Epic camera allowed more versatility with how they could work with the effect. After 2 weeks of assembling the track, Lethal Industries rented a studio, a grip truck and a bunch of huge lights and shot the video. Due to the nature of how FRZY and Lyric Da Queen had to perform versus how the video was captured, if something went wrong the entire video would be ruined.


Tom has been manipulating framerates for the sake of time bending for years. First inspired by Busta Rhymes videos, he has developed the process into an effect that is truly his own. Combining high speed and slow motion playback, in the same take, all while maintaining sync with the original audio, Tom’s time bending effect is surely something that will captivate viewers. Back in 2010, Tom expirimented with this technique with a video for The Incline. He again later applied these techniques to other videos featuring Yury and The Gentlemen Ether.

What we did was extremely risky. If I am even one frame off with my time calculations, the video isn’t salvageable. Needless to say, it has been a nerve wracking process.” – Tom Larkin
Did the final effect work? You’ll have to wait and see when FRZY premieres his video for WTF?!

Skip | Doomsday Initiative:


Tom had me sing the song at half of the actual tempo, which was strange to do. In the final version he used those shots and sped them up. It looked insane and really added a lot to that part of the video. It turned out to be my favor part of the whole thing.”

Chris Callen | Through these Walls:

Tom told us to practice our song at double time speed and half time speed, so we knew that we were in for something awesome. When it came time for the shoot, we weren’t sure what to expect, but I have to say, it was pretty damn cool to rock out and lip sync in slow motion / half speed to my own song, it took me back to being a young kid in my bedroom playing air guitar to my favorite albums. Then playing along to the double speed track was a lot of fun as well, we instantly felt the high energy and went pretty nuts, having a great time, while exerting intensity that we knew was going to look great on camera.  When we viewed the final product from Tom, we were blown away at what we were watching.  Our faces lit up when we saw how our bodies were transformed in time, I particularly loved how the time stretch slowed my lip movement down, yet in sync, which only made the lyrics more powerful.”


I knew on his side of the effect it was challenging and that only the mind of a creative genius could pull it off!!But on my part it took a lot of concentration and focus. I had to learn how to perform my song at different speeds and tempos while still being aware of the cameras presents and my own performance. But in the end it was all worth it. Every generation has that one video director that raises the bar visually. Growing up I was a huge fan of Hype Williams. He was creative and visually he wasn’t afraid to try new and different things, that’s what made him great. The Larkin effect in my option has the same potential to boost Tom into becoming a legendary video director and a trend setter. I am honored to have this effect in my video and to be a part of the world experiencing this effect being taken to the next level.”

Stay tuned for the release of FRZY’s music video, WTF!


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