Best 5 Ways to Control Your Emotions While Gambling

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Best 5 Ways to Control Your Emotions While Gambling

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Gambling and casino games can be incredibly entertaining, however, much like with anything else in life, you should not over-commit to this form of entertainment. This is why promoting responsible gambling is important, and why a lot of online casinos are obliged to do so. This is because it’s in everyone’s best interest to avoid problematic behavior, as it will allow this form of gaming to continue to exist. One way to avoid gambling problems is by controlling your emotions. Here we will go over some tips on how to avoid negative outcomes when playing at online or land-based casinos.

Uncover How You Feel

Before you can gain control over your emotions you need to comfort yourself or identify how you feel. Does losing affect you more than it should and fills you up with rage? Maybe the feeling of triumph has a bigger impact and creates a drive to chase that feeling. Or maybe you feel vengeful towards the game.


It’s important to know why you want to continue playing, even when the game is no longer entertaining. Moderation is the key, don’t think that a winning streak means you need to continue, and don’t think that a losing streak means you are likely to turn the situation around.

Don’t Fall Victim to Gambler’s Fallacy

Casino games are based on chance and algorithm, they are designed to have a low chance for a player to hit the jackpot, just like the Lottery. However, none of us are immune to the so-called gambler’s fallacy, simply because we are hopeful. Gambler’s fallacy is thinking that past events somehow affect the odds of an outcome. In other words, if you toss a coins 10 times in a row and all ten times it lands on the head, the odds of hitting tails on the 11th toss are still 50-50. It’s unlikely for a coin to land 10 times in a row on the head, and there is a high chance that the coin could be rigged, but if it isn’t, those past outcomes are not affecting the future.

Avoid Triggers That Lead to Overcommitment

We often get triggered by the negative outcomes, and games that cause us to lose money can especially hit the nerve. If you love playing poker or slot games, then get the version that is free to play. If you are drawn to the games because there is a chance you can win money, then go for options that don’t require a big investment. There are tons of casino bonuses on Casinosterson that allow you to play a lot for just 1 dollar deposit. There are also no deposit casinos and other free spin bonuses. So, go for options that allow you to play the games with just a minor deposit. This way you won’t care as much if you lose.

Switch Games Every Now and Again

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There are different games you can play at online casinos. Nowadays there are even some titles that resemble old-school arcades. In other words, if negative feelings begin to bottle up while you are playing a certain game, then just try a different one. Maybe you even find it to be more entertaining and get your mind off of negative experiences. As mentioned, almost all of the games you like have a free-to-play variant, which is a good way to gauge just how likely you are to win. So, play a demo first, see how it feels, and then decide if you wish to make a deposit and play the game for real.

Find Coping Mechanism

Finally, it’s important to find different ways of coping with anger and frustration. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed with these feelings. When you start to feel angry, you can take deep breaths, close your eyes, go for a walk, or do anything to calm down.


So, these are some ways or tricks you can use to gain a better grasp of your emotions while playing casino games. Hopefully, they will help you avoid negative outcomes. Remember that at the end of the day, it’s just a game that should not play any major part in your life. It’s there to help you unwind and be fun, and if it’s not doing that then you should not be playing it.


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