Brazilian Fitness Model – Eva Andressa

Eva Andressa has quickly become Brazil’s most popular representative in Brazilian bodybuilding. Eva achieved popular recognition throughout the internet due to her thousands of followers on all of her profiles. Blessed with some amazing curves, fitness babe Eva Andressa spends a lot of her time in the gym working out and keeping her body firm and tight. She is still young and has the ability to achieve what Vida Guerra has done and even more!



Her full name is Eva Andressa Vieira and she is a 27 year old Brazilian bodybuilder. Standing at 5 foot 4 inches and weighing in around 123 lbs (about 138 in her offseason), Eva Andressa has a body you cannot ignore. Acheiving a body like that takes a lot of work. In her various profiles and channels, the Brazilian athlete gives information on nutrition, health, wellness, training tips and videos with step by step training. (If you can understand Portuguese, if not, just watch.)

Eva won multiple titles during his career in Fitness. She has been involved in many fitness related events and has also starred in numerous magazine covers and advertising campaigns. Eva Andressa has created even more fans as she posed nude in March 2013 for Sexy.

eva-andressa-butt eva-andressa-green-dress eva-andressa-gym eva-andressa-leopard-pants eva-andressa-lingerie eva-andressa-shorts eva-andressa-yoga-pants eva-andressa-boobs eva-andressa-4-pictures eva-andressa-three-pix eva-andressa-smartshake eva-andressa-2

Hope this served as some good midweek motivation, now hit the gym.



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