Cabin By The Sea

If you didn’t see my tweets yesterday about The Dirty Heads’ new album, you need to read this and check it out ASAP! The Dirty Heads is a Reggae rock band from Southern California. Their debut album, Any Port in a Storm, was released on September 23, 2008, by Executive Music Group. Any Port in a Storm has music that makes your heart happy! I love the whole album, it is super chill and if you haven’t AT LEAST fallen in love with the song Lay Me Down, featuring Rome from Sublime with Rome,  you need to watch the video for it below and have a Don Pants margarita while you listen to the whole album.

Back to the point of my post- The Dirty Heads released their second album this past Tuesday called Cabin By The Sea. I was lucky enough to see a FB post from the group that linked me to a coupon so you can hop right over to Best Buy and only pay $7.99 for the entire album!!!!!! Click here for the coupon– it’s only good until July 14th!!! I always support my favorite artists by purchasing the actual songs- and this one is 100% worth it.

I have only had enough time to listen to Cabin by the Sea once, straight though, but have already fallen for the two songs “Best of Us” and “Love Letters.” So make sure to at least buy those tracks. Also, “We Will Rise” gets stuck in my head, so that is my 3rd best song pick of the album so far!  I expect you to get on iTunes NOW to at least download those three or hit up the link for Amazon mp3 downloads here.

Follow The Dirty Heads on Twitter, like their Facebook Page, and find them on tour here because they are just as amazing live. I will be seeing them for the 3rd time in Pittsburgh July 30th, with Matisyahu and Moon Taxi at the Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead /510 E 10th Ave, Pittsburgh, PA. Get your tickets HERE so we can see them together!


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