Casino Gambling: Thrill or Addiction?

Casino Gambling: Thrill or Addiction?

The population is always bound to be divided when it comes to casino gambling, on the one hand there are people that swear by it as only a source of thrill and enjoyment, whereas others will tell you that casino gambling is always at root an addiction. There really is no genuinely correct answer here, as both things can be true in certain instances.

For instance, to completely ignore casino gambling’s incredibly addicting nature would be very stupid indeed, but so would ignoring the amount of legitimate fun one can have on it too. Casino gambling: thrill or addiction? It is a difficult question to answer, but read on for our thoughts at Cozino.

Thrill: Winning Big

One thing you simply cannot deny is that when you have the good luck to scoop a big win whilst gambling it can really be nothing else but a huge thrill. Just imagine the feeling of winning a progressive jackpot on a machine like a Las Vegas Megabucks, or winning on a slot games you’ve never played before… It could be well over 10 million dollars – you simply aren’t human if that doesn’t represent a huge thrill. 

Thrill: Masterminding An Important Victory

If you happen to be playing a table game like Poker then one of the biggest thrills you can have is masterminding an important victory over your competitors. Ever seen the 007 James Bond classic Casino Royale? It involves a particularly feisty game of Poker that 007 only just managed to win, and it is nothing short of a thrill believe us. Another thing about this particular thrill is that it actually takes a lot of skill, therefore becoming something to be commended. 

Thrill: Playing A Particularly Excellent Online Slot

Oh online slots, these days they have become almost unbelievably good, with enough special bonus features and rounds to have you gasping for air. Just look at titles such as Centurion by Inspired Gaming, for instance, how can playing a game like this be anything less than a huge thrill? 

Addiction: Vehemently Chasing Your Losses

Right then, at what point can gambling turn from a simple thrill to a full on addiction? One of the main times this happens is when a player begins to start intensely chasing their losses – never something that is recommended at all. It is a downward spiral when you start doing this, and will eventually leave you completely out of pocket. Don’t do it! 

Addiction: Having No Other Hobbies

Casino gambling can quite easily be called a genuine bona fide addiction when you have no other hobbies you enjoy partaking in – it’s not rocket science. Far too many people live and breath gambling, and cannot find enjoyment from any other activity whatsoever. You must make sure you have other hobbies that don’t involve gambling – nobody likes a problem gambler. 

Addiction: Physically Not Being Able To Stop

Obviously if you find yourself physically not being able to stop gambling it is quite clear you are suffering from a rather intense addiction. Get help.


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