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Make Your Phone Impenetrable

Make Your Phone Impenetrable

Make Your Phone Impenetrable When it comes to your smartphone, consider how much information you share on there without even thinking about it. You may bank from your smartphone with your personal banking apps downloaded. What about your conversations you hold via text or social media messaging? Did you realize that someone who has hacked

Money Saving Tips for Students

Making the most of your student loan can be tough. With the freedom of university life comes responsibility, and it’s all too easy to spend your whole loan soon after it comes in. However, by making a few smart choices you can make that loan go a little bit further, which can in turn make

Poo-Pourri: All Of Your Favorite Poo Jokes Created A Miracle Product

Poo-Pourri, is the before-you-go toilet spray that is proven to trap those embarrassing odors at the source and save relationships. This commercial is beyond hilarious. Think Orbit gum… but for your butt. Poo-Pourri Nailed it! And even more to its credit, the commercial truly is not lying. I took it upon myself to do a fact

How Does Megatron Feel About Selfies?

No, not this Megatron… We’re talking about the actual Megatron and he seems very against them. Megatron may be a sentient robotic life form from the planet Cybertron and the leader of the villainous Decepticons, but he has feelings too. He had a message for all selfie goers out there especially this girl visiting Universal

What Would Your Favorite Cartoon Character Look Like As A Human?

You may be getting old, but your favorite cartoons never will. That’s figuratively and literally, but your favorite cartoons do get a makeover when Dorkly plays the ‘what if’ card. At some point everyone has wondered what their favorite cartoon character would look like as a real person. Here’s your chance, since Dorkly went all

Do You Want To Build a Meth Lab? (Breaking Bad Frozen Parody)

The popular Breaking Bad series came to an end this past year with fans graving more. Will Breaking Bad be back for a 6th season? Maybe not, but for those graving more, you better call Saul. For those in need of a quick Breaking Bad fix, Walter White and Jesse Pinkiman are back in anime