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20 Things You Don’t Know About Harry Potter

20 Things You Don’t Know About Harry Potter

The chosen one has turned 34 this year. Can you believe it? I’m sure he always has a lot to celebrate and of course he knows how to party. Whether you are a Potter fan or simply a death eater there is a lot to know about the events surrounding Harry. If you are a

Mike Tyson Snaps at Reporter on Live TV

Mike Tyson was recently in Toronto for a performance of his one-man show, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth. He also met with Rob Ford, who is the current Mayor of Toronto and refereed to Ford as being “the best mayor in Toronto’s history.” Mike Tyson seems to fit the bill for Ford’s “nobody’s perfect” redemption campaign.

Cheerleaders, the 2nd Best Part of Football Season

NFL football is upon us, so this is who we’re rooting for this season. This list includes all teams with cheerleaders. If your team doesn’t have cheerleaders then what are they thinking? The teams without cheerleaders include the New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns,

Isaac from Faded Industry does the Vodka Ice Bucket Challenge

By now you’re probably sick of seeing your friends participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. This viral movement has been flooding our news feeds for the past week and by this point, everyone realizes what’s going on. The challenge is designed to raise awareness for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s

100+ Hot Girls in Yoga Pants is an Ocular Massage…

It’s finally time to revisit a unanimous crowd favorite on the blog, hot girls in yoga pants! For real though, do you even appreciate how awesome yoga pants really are? They’re awesome enough to help take Caitlin Rice or Jen Selter’s booty into internet fame. Sometimes, if the pilot of the pants is hot enough, they’ve

People Are Weird… Have You Heard About Mermaid Classes?

Yes, you can be a mermaid. There are many strange workout routines, but this one might take the cake. Wait do mermaids eat cake? Either way there are mermaid classes designed to get in touch with your inner mermaid. This is no normal class with blackboards and desks unless they float. Not only will you