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How To Make an Air Conditioner for Only $8

How To Make an Air Conditioner for Only $8

A Kickstarter for an idea to improve the cooler and has already raised over $5 Million in funding! With a goal to raise only $50,000, it seems as if this project has been kickstarted by an army of hell fire horses on steroids. There is currently 43 days left for his campaign meaning that there

Crop King Seeds Introduces the World’s First Marijuana Commercial

Hailing all the way from America’s fuzzy hat, Canada, comes the world’s first marijuana commercial and it is definitely something to see! They even drop the F bomb! Don’t get this  confused with the marijuana DUI PSAs from Colorado. The company is Crop King Seeds and the commercial is not only being used as a tool

The Galactic Cap is here to Revolutionize the Condom!

Help us launch the greatest condom in 400 years is the slogan for their indegogo campaign. Did anyone else know that condoms have been around for over 400 years? Did anyone else even know that condoms still exist today? According to their own independent Family Feud style survey, 96% of men and women dislike traditional