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Grand Opening of Integrated Fitness in South Side

After we go to battle for the Great American Water Balloon Fight at the Point, we are heading over to the Grand Opening of the new Integrated Fitness in the South Side from 2-5pm! For months we have partnered with Integrated Fitness giving all of our friends and fans a discount on classes and monthly membership

Integrated Fitness Groupon available

Integrated Fitness GROUPON Deal! Check it out HERE! If you are looking to burn serious fat or get extremely in shape you need to take advantage of this offer. At Integrated Fitness seasoned coaches lead intense workouts powered by kettlebells and varied cross-training exercises designed to burn fat and build muscles. I’ve personally attended these

Pittsburgh Fitness Challenge

On April 14th Integrated Fitness will be holding the Pittsburgh Fitness Challenge. The Challenge will consist of 5 Events. Event 1: Tire Flip maximum flips in one minute. You will have 3 tries on the tire flip each being one minute. Your score will be the combined total of your top 2 times. Event 2: Max Distance

Post-Fight interviews at StrikeForce

Saturday night, Faded Industry and Integrated Fitness, had the chance to visit the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio for the StrikeForce event Tate vs. Rousey showing live on Showtime. These two beauties went head-on in a main event championship fight with Tate defending her title. I must say it was hard to watch my girl Rousey take those punches. Luckily she

The Shamrock Shake!

The infamous McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is slowly filtering into many McDonald’s locations. The mint flavored, green-dyed vanilla milkshake, is a seasonal dessert sold at McDonald’s during parts of February and March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This wonderful beverage has taken on a cult-like following. Before the shakes even arrive the buzz throughout the networks starts streaming

Want to try CrossFit?

This Saturday at 11am is an open gym for anyone interested in checking out CrossFit with me. As some of you know I recently started training CrossFit out at Integrated Fitness. Since my training started, a lot of people have been asking to join me and see what CrossFit is all about. For everyone who has contacted