Charity on your face.

Hey ladies a new make up line has hit the scene and they are looking for your support.  Our good friend Dawn Lilly has released the new line called Charity by Dawn Lilly.  Check out the Charity spokesmodels, Gina, Abigail, Lindsey and Miyoshi in the Charity by Dawn Lilly make up commercial at the link is below. On top of that, they actually filmed the commercial right here at our own Faded Industry flex space.


While you are there, they would really appreciate your help! Please vote and share the voting page on your profile.  By voting and sharing this information, you support a company doing something really positive. You are telling Walmart that you would like to see Charity on their shelves. Each month, Charity pays $1 for every product sold to a different charity.  With that being said, they could do so much good with your help and a customer like Walmart.

You can also tell Walmart by texting 4207 to phone number 383838. The official rules state that you can vote twice each day every day now through April 3rd. Once via facebook and once by SMS message. They thank you in advance for your help and support.


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