Clever and Effective Technique for Getting Through Border Patrol

It’s those who think outside of the box who make it in life. Case in point, this gentleman below comes up with an extremely clever and hilarious way to quickly get passed the security check point at the border. I’ve only had to deal with Canadian border patrol in my lifetime but from what I can guess, or hope, this man is returning from a trip to Tijuana. His reaction after the plan actually works is funnier than the whole idea for itself.

The intended purpose of this clip is to not ignite any religious debates but certainly feel free to argue within the comments. The video sort of reminds me of a more inappropriate reaction to Trey Parker as a Mormon from the movie Orgazmo. (It’s funny to me that Mormon looks like moron, because…. you get it. Sorry Mormons. Actually, I’m not sorry)

By: Pat Hanavan


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