Clique Vodka wins the Gold Medal!

Today is a very good day as Clique Vodka has just officially announced that they won the Gold Medal in the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits competition! This is amazing news for everyone involved with the Clique Vodka project and Premier Innovations Group.

That is right! Clique Vodka has won the Gold Medal in a blind taste test at an international Wine & Spirits competition. So who is ready to Put Clique Vodka to the Test!?” – www.cliquevodka.com

Not even two months after winning the Silver Medal for taste at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Clique Vodka has been awarded the Gold Medal in the Vodka Wheat (Unflavored) category at the 2012 Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition, sitting among the top brands in the world during a three-day long blind taste test. Clique Vodka is the only vodka in the Vodka Wheat (Unflavored) category to win the Gold Medal.

For more info about the Gold Medal and Spirits Competition click HERE!

Clique Vodka‘s major push right now is supporting their Put It to the Test campaign launched to have people put Clique Vodka up against their favorite brands in a blind taste test. There is no doubt that Clique Vodka can stand up to any top shelf brand on the shelf, the winning of the gold medal just solidifies that even more! For more information on how you can Put Clique Vodka to the Test, click HERE or watch the video below!

Let me know if you are going to Put Clique Vodka to the Test!


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