Couple Catches Iceberg Collapse a Little Too Close to the Danger Zone!

Imagine you are out on a boat, in the middle of July and you are surrounded by icebergs. With these cool mid-summer temperatures, that actually doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary. Now imagine floating across a beautiful arched iceberg on a boat, just a hundred or so feet way, and you begin to hear loud cracks. Then parts of the exterior of the iceberg begin to collapse followed by the arch completely breaking dropping tons of ice into the water. You wouldn’t know what the hell to do, would you?

A couple out boating in Newfoundland, Canada on Tuesday caught on camera a large iceberg collapse less than 200 feet from their boat!

The about section of their YouTube page reads:

“My husband and I were admiring the magnificent structure of the arch of this huge iceberg, when suddenly it collapsed and created a large tidal wave of chunks of ice rushing towards us!”

The couple escaped from the collapse just fine…


By: Pat Hanavan


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