CT Fletcher and Mike Rashid talk about Overtraining Chest

Mike Rashid and CT Fletcher come together again for another video. Ever since the CT Fletcher The Master Plan video went viral via the Strength Project, fitness enthusiasts from all over have been flocking to his videos to learn and or dispute his methods. A while back we featured a video with CT Fletcher featuring athlete Mike Rashid and his insane chest workout. Almost immediately after, I saw groups of guys in my gym loading up the bench press with the 10 lb. plates replicating the insane workout.


Mike Rashid returns with CT Fletcher in this video talking about the importance of over-training your chest. Most would say that over-training is bad and can harm you but CT Fletcher and Rashid would strongly disagree. Mike Rashid is a combat athlete, body builder and motivator to those that desire to be a better them. His techniques strengthen the Mind, Body and Spirit using old school training methods, hard work and discipline.

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