CT Fletcher Does Live Steroids Test To Shut Up All Of The Haters

On the internet, if someone has muscles, then they are definitely on steroids. At least, that is what the internet trolls and haters love to comment. Like everything in life, sometimes they are correct and other times they are not. Case in point, the YouTube sensation CT Fletcher who is constantly accused of his steroid use.


In his latest video, CT Fletcher puts a silence to all of his haters with his live steroid test video. Since the rise of CT Fletcher, the internet trolls and haters have emerged constantly badmouthing his videos and accusing him of steroid use. Like the loud mouth that he is, CT decided to put a stop to all of the hate and produce a video proving that he is not using any kinds of those substances. CT Fletcher meets with Dr. Richard Kim of Pacific Longevity, and on video, does his steroid test.

You will learn a lot more about CT after watching this video as the test results surface something unexpected.

After the steroid test proves to be negative, CT Fletcher notices something negative readings on the report especially with his cholesterol. According to a post on Fitness Edge – this is when he sits down with the doctor and talks about his congestive heart failure. This is a disease that affects the heart giving it the inability or failure to adequately meet the needs of organs and tissues for oxygen and nutrients.

By: Pat Hanavan



    • James valor said:

      Dave, how would you know if he was or was not on steroids? People like you need to mind your own business and find your obsession! Posting neg comments all day from your moms basement is not a pos obsession. Ct is a veteran so he’s got my vote with just that info. But from his videos and documentaries, all he wants to do is help people and contribute to the world in a pos way. Watch the video of him helping Paula! I say, if a man is doing pos things for others, why try to ruin that by defaming his character with accusations? Unless your occupation has anything to do with the regulations of steroids, shut your mouth. Or be a man, take a camera and go to his gym with what ever test method neccassary. Otherwise continue as a coward!

  1. ct fletcher said:

    Heres the thing you STUPID FUCK! Ive been taking test for 25yrs, I have NEVER failed, made an OPEN challenge to ANYONE at ANYTIME to test me, and NOT ONE of you FAT MOUTHED MUTHA FUCKAS will step up, only sit back and make dumbass comments like this.

  2. Ian said:

    Mr. Fletcher,
    Thank you for sharing something so deeply personal with us. I know you don’t want any sympathy, but I can’t help feel for you mate. My father died of heart attack. He is the reason I workout today. I said a prayer for you. Now, as for numb-nut DaveH’s comment he is either really inconsiderate or just plain dumb.
    I hope you are well. 🙂
    God Bless you Mr. Fletcher.

  3. Strongerthanhell said:

    Ct you been shooting up for years you just laid off them for this test you cheater!

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