CT Fletcher The Master Plan


CT Fletcher is the Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of! A short documentary featuring Fletcher went viral and I personally have not stopped watching his videos since. Fletcher has an incredible backstory and upbringing, most that would leave someone in his position dead or in jail. In the midst of his competitive powerlifting career, he was rushed into the ER to have open-heart surgery. In the end, he was left walking around at 190 lbs looking as if he’s never lifted a weight in his life.

CT Fletcher has been lifting weights for the majority of his life. In January of 2013, founder of the well known YouTube fitness channel Strength Project released a short documentary of CT that went viral the first day it was released. The Strength Project has made a huge impact in the fitness community at a global scale. Strength Project is not an acrobatics team, or calisthenics team. Strength Project is an all around fitness team that promotes any movement as functional as long as its safe, efficient and practical towards your overall goal.

I met CT Fletcher out of Metro Flex gym located in Long Beach, California.  My first impression of meeting CT was dam, this dude is nice as hell.  His upbringing was consisted of raw training. He had a very interesting, and through this video I learned. I didn’t want to ask for his story without the camera being on. The result of the interview was this video.” – Strength Project

Want to see more of CT Fletcher’s videos? Check out his YouTube channel!



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