Damn! Look at that Ass!

Urban Dictionary defines an AssMan as – A distinguished gentleman who can appreciate and prefer the finer things in life… such as a woman’s booty. Often picks his dates from the back. This may perfectly describe me and it may also be why this was my favorite blog post ever to research!

There are often debates between AssMen and BreastMen. Some guys like a large chested female to motorboat and some guys like a big ol’ booty to set their drink on. Honestly, I am perfectly fine with both but chances are, if there is a large chest and a small butt, then something is fake! I have come across some fake tits in my day but never a fake booty and I hope I never have to! (or do I?)

We all know sex sells and we all love to look at gorgeous women. Even other chicks love to look at them! Hopefully you have as much fun as I did admiring these gorgeous women!

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