Dave Chappelle Describes His First Encounter with Kanye West

It is unbelievably refreshing to see Chappelle making his way back into the spotlight. Dave Chappelle again returns to late night television, this time on Jimmy Fallon to discuss his return to New York for a nine show run at Radio City Music Hall and where he met his old pals The Roots and Kanye West. It sort of breaks down into a two part interview where he discusses meeting The Roots in Maine and the hilarity starts when Chappelle begins to describe his first interactions with Kanye. Something I was completely unaware of, prior to Kanye appearing on Chappelle’s Show, Dave was not aware of who Kanye even was…

Will Chappelle eventually make a return to television? In my opinion, outside of an HBO series, I think not. The restrictions brought on by working with a large network as well as the censorship issues can become quite cumbersome. Platforms such as Hulu and Netflix, which did not exist during the tenure of his show, both provide unrestricted access to the same demographic and more. We may, and hopefully will be, slowly watching the new rise and return of Dave Chappelle.

I had the opportunity to see him live in the wake of the Connecticut meltdown last summer, all I can say is that I hope the return with a show is soon…

By: Pat Hanavan