Deadicated Clothing at Faded Fest

Both Mat and Spencer from Deadicated Clothing know how easy it can be to take a trip down the wrong path in life. The duo did not grow up together but fell into extremely similar lifestyles that included drugs and troubles with the law. Realizing this lifestyle was filled with friends overdosing, dying or going to jail, they both turned to a different lifestyle.


There was however a common bond as both grew up with a love for skateboarding and hanging out with your friends. With both of their troubled pasts long behind them, the two collaborated on a concept that would speak to the new generation of kids just like them. That’s when Mat, Spencer and Steve sat down and decided they wanted to be Deadicated and bring to the street community a fashion that represents them.

Deadicated Clothing will be set up at Faded Fest. This is a great opportunity to connect with the home crowd and it’s another chance just to show Pittsburgh what Deadicated is all about. Stop by their merch booth and show them some love.

Will Pittsburgh always be the home base of operations for Deadicated? 


Pittsburgh is where were all originally from so keeping our home base here is essential.  We also want to have a home base store or office in LA, because that’s where Steve “the Designer” now resides and that’s where it all goes down and we love the west coast too. We really just want to be Nation wide.”

There are many new street culture brands popping up on the scene every day, how do you guys separate yourself from the rest of the crowd?


The thing that separates us from everyone else is what we come from. We came from the struggle, seen things people wouldn’t ever want to see or witness and putting all our emotion into designs. Every Design we put out has a meaning, its just what we stand for. Do what you love until you die and not care what anyone else thinks about you, and were gonna support you.

What does the future hold for Deadicated Clothing? deadicated-clothing-crew-at-office

“The Future… haha well, the future is what we look forward too, traveling and getting our name out there and trying to leave an impression. Hopefully also in the near future we will start giving clothing sponsorships to skateboarders, snowboarders, motocross and freestyle motocross. We want it all but taking things step-by-step.”

See more on the Deadicated Clothing Online Store! Use promo code summer2013 for 30% off! @deadicatedclothing on Instagram &  @deadicatedco on Twitter.