Dollar Shave Club

I still think it is crazy that so many people have still not seen this video. Constantly I find myself in a conversation where I bring up Dollar Shave Club. I never used to talk about my razors or really even care about them, that is until I joined the club. Every time I would have to go to the store to pick up razors, I would literally be pissed about how much it cost to shave my face.

How Dollar Shave Club works:

It’s simple, select one of their great razors, pay one low monthly fee, and they send these razors right to your door.

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Fancy Brand Name Shave Tech

Their website says, “No more over-paying for fancy brand name shave tech.” I wanted to put that to the test since all I previously used is considered fancy brand name shave tech. The fancy brand name shave tech I was used to be using was Gillette Fusion blades. The Gillette Fusion blades for a package of four cost me $18.99 at my local store. F that big time! A four pack would last me about a month or if I pushed the limits, a month and a half. So on average I would buy about 9 to 10 packs of blades a year costing me on average about $170-$190 per year.

Our Blades are F**KING Great!

With Dollar Shave Club, I chose the middle option costing me $6/month. My logic at the time was that I would get a four pack of blades per month, like I was currently already purchasing at the store, but only pay $6/month. Already I am saving money, but, it gets better. Dollar Shave Club’s blades are F**KING Great and as a result, they last way longer than the old blades I was previously using. Literally, I have 4 packs stacked up in my bathroom right now because these new blades last so long. Pretty soon, I will be able to cancel my account, use my current back log of blades for a few months and then resign up once I run out! Saving me even more money!

I started using Dollar Shave Club last March meaning I’ve spent a total of $60 for the year of 2012. Huge F’n difference than the previous years before Dollar Shave Club! Literally saved myself about $100. To see how I spent some of my savings, refer to my trip out to the World Series of Beerpong in Las Vegas!

Supporting the Start-Up

Beyond just loving how much money I am saving and how smooth my neck is after a shave, I like everything about this company. Dollar Shave Club is young, comedic, and very easy to deal with. In fact, twice now, Dollar Shave Club has messed up my orders. I of course did not even know that anything happened with my order since I have a backlog of razors saved up, but, I got an apology email and a credit to my account anyways. Michael Dublin, the owner, has created a young and innovative idea which I now fully support.

Any Questions about Dollar Shave Club, hit me up!