Door Sandwich on Tosh.0

Back in August I was up in Buffalo for my cousin Micah’s birthday, he hosted a party at a nightclub there called Social. It is a lot different being in the night club scene in a different city. Here in Pittsburgh we know just about everyone who goes out but up there, I was kind of roaming on my own. My plan was simple, get drunk and mingle with some Buffalo folk.

Throughout the night I ran into and talked to a lot of people but that is also when I found a gentleman who ran into a door. He was trapped behind the door trying to get out through the wall. I decided to help him by pushing the door onto him to the beat from the DJ, this was to let him know he was still in a night club. For a solid minute he deals with this. At the end he comes out and that is when I find out he is actually a crafty ninja, but what I also find out is that he just really doesn’t like walls.

I posted this video back in August and a lot of people liked it. Micah posted it again this week requesting that we try to get it on to Tosh. I laughed about it again and just shared it from my own profile as well thinking nothing of it. That is when a bunch of new people saw it and loved it. People started texting me and blowing me up saying that it needs to get on Tosh. So here it is, on Tosh’s website looking for some LIKES.

To help vote on the video on Tosh’s blog CLICK HERE! And thank you to Micah, Adam, Connie, and Paul for pushing so hard to make this happen.



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